Unpaid Time Off

Some employers may want to track an employee's Unpaid Time Off, so we have developed a way to be able to track unpaid time off.

First thing you would want to do is setup a category to use for Unpaid Time Off. We have 4 categories for PTO and they are Vacation, Holiday, Sick and Personal. You would choose a category that you are not using to be the Unpaid Time Off category for your company. (Currently there is no option to change the names of the PTO categories.)

In order to have the system maintain your Unpaid PTO you first need to set it up. You do this in the Employee Record. To learn how to setup PTO for the employee go to the following Link:  

Setup Employee PTO


If you are approving Unpaid PTO

  1. If the PTO that you have appoved is Unpaid PTO then you will need to go to the Time Cards after you approve it.
  2. You go to the day that you put in the PTO.
  3. Click on the day.
  4. And check the box for Unpaid PTO as in the screen shot below. 


 Unpaid PTO



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