Updating / Exporting PTO year

Updating the Start Accruing Date and Exporting PTO Year

The system calculates PTO for one (1) year after the Start Accruing Date. The Start Accruing Date must be adjusted each year. It is recommended that you export your employee PTO report before you change the Start Accruing Date if you want to keep a record of past PTO.


To Export an employee’s PTO report you do the following:

  1.  Hover over the PTO button or Click on it
  2. Click on Current PTO & PTO Requests
  3. Choose the employee’s name.
  4. There you will see a blue button “Excel Export”. You just click on that button and it will save an Excel worksheet to your computer for that employee. 



To Update an employee’s PTO year you do the following:

  1. Hover over the Employees Button or Click on it
  2. Click on an employee to edit them
  3. Click on the PTO Rules tab
  4. In the PTO section that you need to update, click on the “Start new PTO year
  5. It will bring up a window that will have the new PTO year and ask if you want to carry over the Unused PTO.
  6. Your options are Yes, No, or Some
  7. Make sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished.




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