Using the PTO Request System

How to use our PTO Request system but not maintain PTO in our system.
On August 30, 2016 we updated the system so that if the PTO is turned off for an employee they cannot request that PTO. The reason for this is because some employers may have only Vacation turned on and the employees were requesting Personal and Sick time. The managers did not check to see if those categories were turned on for the employee and approved the PTO that employees did not have coming to them. This caused a lot of PTO to not be subtracted from the proper PTO category which cause the employers to pay for extra PTO that the employee did not have available. So to solve this situation when PTO is turned off the employee does not have an option to request it.
If you just use our PTO request system to get notified of the requests, we have a work around for you. The following will show the employee that they have 0 hours but will allow them to request PTO. 
  1. Click on the Employees button
  2. Click the yellow Pencil to edit an employee
  3. Click on the PTO Rules tab
  4. In the PTO that you want to use for requesting PTO you choose "Allot X Hours per Year"
  5. In the Allot box put "0"
  6. In the Start Accruing Date box put 1/1/2015
  7. In the Stop Accruing Date box put 1/2/2015
  8. Click the Save button.

Now your employee will be able to request that PTO thru our system but our system will not Maintain your PTO accruals.