Where did the Time Card Options Go To?

The adventurous time card page has changed as you may have noticed. It has been reduced to only show the options that the majority users use. This speeds up the way the page refreshes.  If you need those options then the following will explain where to find them.


Search & Filter Section

If you want to have all the options show then you click on the line “Click For More Options” and it will expand out to show all the options.  See screenshots below.

Click for More Options


It will then stay that way unless you click on the “show less filters”.  See screenshot below.

 Show Less Filters


Print & Export Options

The print options are still available. They are on the menu when you click on the “More” button.

 More Button

If you need the payroll to show click on the line “Click For More Options” and the Payroll checkbox will appear.


Archive Button

The Archive button has been moved to below the time cards as indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot below.



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