Increase Employee Accountability

You may feel that you need a better system to hold your employees accountable. You’re not alone, a study centered on employee accountability revealed that 82% of the respondents admit that they have limited or no ability to hold others accountable. Let’s take a quick look at what employee accountability is.

What is employee accountability?

Employee accountability is the ability of the employee to fulfill obligations and expectations. If the employee is not satisfying obligations and expectations this will affect others such as managers, owners, investors and other employees. Here are 2 actionable and proven methods to increase accountability.

1) Tracking Time Will Increase Employee Accountability

OnTheClock offers a simple time clock for your employees. The employee clocks in/and out at the appropriate times and employers get accurate time sheets. We even have reminders to help employees remember to clock in or out. 

2) Monitoring Attendance Will Increase Employee Accountability

With OnTheClock, attendance can be measured and reported on for your entire team or individual employees. You simply set up a work schedule which includes the days your business is open and the day start and end times. Then as employees clock in/out you are able to see attendance issues such as late/early punch times & missed days.  Reports can be viewed on screen or exported to Excel.

How To Measure Employee Accountability

Measuring employee accountability can be a difficult task to accomplish. Taking into consideration that each person and the respective job they perform vary wildly from company to company and the one common element is implementing a time clock system such as OnTheClock. OnTheClock offers both time tracking and attendance monitoring along with many other time saving features such as PTO tracking, shift scheduling and more.