Job & Project Costing With Time Tracking

Track employee time by customer, project, tasks for payroll and billing

Job & Project Costing Setup

Job & Project Costing Setup

Setup customers, project and tasks. Keep it simple or nest project and tasks under customers

  • Customize Customer, Project & Task Names
  • Nest(Group) Project user Customers
  • Unlimited Projects

Employees Choose Project, Task, etc.

Using the employee portal or phone app, you employees select the customer, project and task they are working on.

  • Fast and easy for employees
  • Accurate costing
  • Eliminate mistakes
Project And Task Selection For Employees
Employee Selection

Employee Setup

You can make customer, projects and task selection mandatory or option per employee

  • Customizable per employee
  • Off, On & required options
  • Easy setup

Costing Report & Export

Once your employees have added costing data, you will need to run reports. Reporting is easy, select the date range, then select totaling options.

  • Total by one or more options
  • Drag / drop to re-order options
  • Export to Excel
Job Costing Report
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