Benefits Of Using An Online Time Clock System

New School Punch Clock

When investing into a service that affects your business, you want something that will benefit the company in the best way possible. Managers, Supervisors, Employees and Employers can all benefit from the use of a online time clock system.

1) Easy Employee Time Clock Setup

You and your small business can be experiencing the benefits of your new employee time tracking service in about 3 minutes. Create an account, add employees, the employees then punch in/out and time cards are automatically generated. Learn more about how fast and easy it is to use OnTheClock

2) Convenient Options to Punch In and Out

Lets face it, convenience is important when operating a successful business. Your employees will have many options to clock in and out via the use of Computer, Phone or Tablet, and a time clock app. See how employees can clock in and out

3) Save Time

Saving time can increase productivity and allow other tasks to be completed in the workplace. You will no longer have to manually add up hours to prepare for payroll. Say goodbye to the searching process of handwritten timesheets and say hello to a cloud-based time clock.

4) Save Money and Reduce Payroll Expenses

We can all agree that saving money is important. A punch clock app will give you 100% accuracy for time cards to ensure that you will never be overpaying or underpaying your employees. By having the option to quickly integrate your employee’s hours to QuickBooks or easily send them to your payroll provider, it can reduce the amount of time needed for payroll companies to spend on running your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cycles.

5) Better Security

Instead of having valuable information being spread around from one person to another, all your time card information will be stored in the cloud - decreasing the opportunities for valuable information to end up in the wrong spot.

5) Increase accuracy

By improving your company’s accuracy you are likely to increase your profitability as well. And who doesn’t like higher profits? Stop overpaying when it comes to tracking your employee’s hours due to inaccurate timesheets. See how OTC helps you eliminate errors

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