Stay On Top Of Your Payroll With Time Clock Integration To QuickBooks

Online & Desktop!

Connect to QuickBooks

Send employee hours off to QuickBooks (desktop & online versions) for payroll or job costing.   With online, you simply connect to QuickBooks, sync employees and click the 'Send To QuickBooks' button so send hours

With desktop, we offer a free import tool which is very easy to use.  In 4 simple steps your employee hours are sent to QuickBooks Desktop.
QuickBooks Payroll Integration
Export TimeCards Payroll To QuickBooks

Export Time Cards To QuickBooks Online

Save your valuable time and money by directly exporting payroll data to QuickBooks. The days of hand entering employees and payroll hours are gone, along with the errors and long hours.

With the click of one button payroll data is instantly transferred to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online Plus is the only version which supports using employee time as payroll input, this version is required to perform exports.

Send Time Cards To QuickBooks Desktop

OnTheClock makes transferring employee hours to QuickBooks Desktop super easy.  Simply download time cards from OnTheClock, open in our importer software, review and send to QuickBooks.  Our importer software is free for OnTheClock customers
Sync QuickBooks Employees
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