A Mobile Friendly way to Track Employees’ Time

Tracking employees’ time with the use of a mobile device has become a very popular way to generate accurate time cards for payroll while saving time. Some online time clock services offer the ability for employers to use their smartphones and tablets as a modern punch clock. In fact, many companies have moved away from traditional time clocks for the convenience and accuracy that a mobile time clock apps provides. Chances are you already use mobile apps in some shape, way or form. According to Statista, there was an estimated 149.2 billion app downloads worldwide in 2016. In this article you will see the benefits when tracking employee’s time from a mobile device while keeping your small business productive and more profitable.

Why your company should try a mobile time clock app

With the use of a time clock app, your employees will have the luxury to clock in and out from their mobile devices easily and quickly. OnTheClock offers a web-based time clock system that stores every single employee punch times to the cloud where it is safe and secure. It will track every minute of the employee’s time that has been worked from their punch in time to their punch out time.

Administrators have the ability to see all of the employees’ daily times that are recorded. Once the end of the workweek is completed then the system will automatically calculate accurate time cards for you to send over to payroll. Do you know what this means? This means that you no longer have the burden of manually adding up employees’ timesheets and hours worked. In addition, your payroll will stay within budget because you will no longer have to worry about payroll errors from inaccurate time cards.

Business owners will have access to their time clock account from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet or data connection. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing who is on the clock while managing and receiving paid time off requests for you to easily approve or deny.

Your employees will love their new time clock

“Faith F. says, “As a Nanny this app is a perfect way to track my time and communicate it to my employer effortlessly. Highly recommended!”

We have received a lot of great feedback on how employees enjoy using OnTheClock. No longer having to wait in a long line just to clock in and out makes it very convenient for them while using OnTheClock’s punch app. It does not matter if your employees have an Android or Apple device because the mobile time clock app is offered on both. Employees will also be able to review their time cards instead of being left in the dark wondering if he or she is going to have the accurate time reported for their paychecks. 

Remote employees can take advantage of an online time clock app when tracking hours as well. Many modern businesses are allowing more of their employees to work remotely and sometimes need a better understanding on how many hours they are putting in away from the office. Our time clock app allows employers to rest easily by knowing what time a remote employee clocked in/out and where the clocked in/out time was made by some specific settings that administrators can choose from.

Some employers worry their employees will be upset and feel insulted if a time clock is implemented. We understand how this can happen, but do not worry because we have a great article on how you can take the proper steps when tracking employee time without insulting them. OnTheClock encourages our customers to use our services to benefit your company rather than harming it, so please take the time to read the article about how to prevent upsetting employees.

OnTheClock’s mobile app is convenient and free to download

Brittany C. from the Google Play Store stated, “We started using on the clock at our office and we are beyond impressed. The app allows all the employees to clock in right as they walk in. The management setting are easy to navigate and offer options that are essential to keeping employee hours accurate.”

Not many things in life are free anymore, but it is free to download our mobile time clock app. After you have an account, you are able to access your account and information from the use of our app. This is very convenient because we usually have our smartphones on us, but we don’t always have access to a computer or laptop. With a simple tap on our app, employers and employees will be able to accomplish many of their day to day tasks when it comes to employee time tracking, time card reviewing, punching in/out, and much more. Try our time clock services for 30 days absolutely free and see why over 7,000 customers like OnTheClock.

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