Saving Time While Increasing Productivity When Using an Online Time Clock

Time tracking options

We all look for ways to save time. So, why not increase our productivity while doing so? Business owners are constantly looking for ways to get the most from their daily activities. This includes increased productivity from their employees as well. Modern day technology has allowed employers and employees to use online time clock systems and time clock apps to do just this.

What is an Online Time Clock

You can look at an online time clock system as being a big invisible cloud that saves all of your employee’s time tracking needs. It keeps everything from when the employee punched in or out, where they punched from and what their total hours are to the exact minute. This helps improve your accuracy when it comes to your payroll budget. 

Other benefits include decreasing the chances of buddy punching and time savings on your end when trying to calculate your employee’s time card totals. If you pay your employees PTO and or overtime then you have an option to have that automatically calculated into the time cards as well.

How to Setup an Online Time Clock Account

First, let me say that there is no messy software that needs to be installed on your computer at all. You simply go to, click on the sign up button and create your free 30-day trial. From there you can add your employees and see their time cards. At the end of the workweek time cards can be sent over to your payroll provider and you have an option to integrate with QuickBooks as well.

Time card view  

Many employers may look at online time clock systems as being difficult to use or unsure if it is worth the investment. The reality is an online time clock saves you time because the system does all the work for you! I know this may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Since this is such a huge time saver, this allows you to concentrate on other things that involve operating a successful business.

Other terms used for an online time clock system are web based time clock, modern day time clock and online employee time tracking system. Everything is done through the internet, making it convenient for you to access from anywhere in the world. Think about how nice it would be if you and your family went on a vacation and you could have the luxury of accessing your employee’s time cards from your destination. Also, you will be able to put your mind at ease knowing who is clocked in and out.

Your employees can punch in from a computer, phones and tablets with the OnTheClock app. This convenience also allows the employees to get straight to work after a simple click of a button that clocks them in. Again, this is another reason why online time clocks increase productivity in the workplace. The features are designed to make the app user-friendly so both the employer and employee can concentrate more on their daily goals.

Real Simple Time

Real: Although you may be used to using the traditional style punch clock, web-based time clocks are still real and document time more accurately. This can help put real money back in your pocket and help you to concentrate on other ways to grow your business.

Simple: Check out reviews on Capterra, QuickBooks, Facebook, Google and OnTheClock to see what users have to say about the simplicity of using OnTheClock. This service is designed to make your life easier and your workload much less to handle.

Time: Everything we do from creating a schedule to accomplishing goals has to do with time. Time is not only one of the most valuable elements to business owners, but it is one of the most important aspects of life. So when you think about it that way, why not make the best of it?

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