What is a Mobile Time Clock

What is mobile time tracking 

OnTheClock defines a mobile time clock as an employee time tracking app that is downloaded on a mobile device for the convenience to employers, managers and employees when calculating accurate time cards for payroll.

Mobile Time Tracking App

When using a mobile time clock, you will need to download the free mobile app through Google Play or the App Store. For example, you can go on to your Apple or Android device and type in OnTheClock. From here you would then click on the download button and start adding employees and tracking hours worked. After you have taken these very easy and simple steps you will be able to setup your account that best fits your company’s needs and start using it remotely. 

A Time Clock APP With Robust Features 

When deciding on a mobile time clock app, On The Clock recommends that the user chooses an app that provides the latest technology in GPS and geo-fencing capabilities. This feature is essential when employers are wanting to assure accurate time tracking for their time cards. Mobile geo-fencing allows a specific perimeter/radius where employees can punch in and out from within. This helps prevent buddy punching, time theft and allows the employer to know which employees are on the actual jobsite or punched in and working remotely. Learn more about additional features.

Control where employees can punch in/out from by using GPS, Geofencing and IP restrictions.

  • Create one or multiple punch locations.
  • Set location proximity (far to near).
  • Works with time clock app & browsers.
  • Allow a only one specified IP address for mobile punching.

IP addresses can be set from where you would like employees to clock in and out from. This feature is designed so the employee can connect to a specified IP address or wifi with their mobile device which will allow them to clock in at the beginning of the day and clock out at the end of the day.

Your work internet connection has a unique IP address. An employee time clock allows you to make sure employees are at work by using IP location restrictions.

  • One or multiple IP locations
  • Warn and lock down options
  • IP location violation alerts

Time clock app GPS 

Employee Punching With Mobile Time Clock Apps

Take advantage of convenient employee punching when using a mobile time tracker. The ability to save time when punching in and punching out allows employees to start their daily tasks quickly. Mobile time clocks increase accurate time tracking by providing the exact time of employee punching down to the minute. With just a tap of a finger, companies are able to save money from employees punching with convenience.

How to Eliminate Punch Rounding

Mobile time clocks eliminate punch rounding since the app’s technology knows the precise time that the employee clocks in and out. Timecards are automatically calculated with the employee’s hours that were worked. Thousands of employers across the world have saved millions by tracking employee hours with mobile time clocks. In fact, it has also decreased payroll costs for some companies because they do not have to take the time to add up punch rounding minutes.  

Free Mobile Time Clock App

On The Clock is a great online time clock service that offers a free trial for their mobile app. With an average consumer rating of 4.8 stars, many users have complimented OnTheClock about their free trial program. This program helps employers, managers and employees become familiar with the service to see if it is the resolution to their employee time tracking needs. The option to experience a free mobile time clock app for 30 days will allow the employer to evaluate the features, options and benefits before investing in a punch clock that can save the company money and time. I recommend reading some of OnTheClock’s reviews to see what thousands of users are saying about how a mobile time clock has improved their company’s operations.

Go Mobile When Tracking Hours Worked

Employee time tracking makes the job easier.

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