Time Clock App For Small Businesses

A mobile time clock app is a great way to track your employee’s time at work. A successful company wants what is best for its employees while improving its company image and increasing its bottom line. This is why OnTheClock has invested so much time into its technology to improve time clock app features and services, so it benefits you, your company, and your employees. Access OnTheClock's time clock app on Android or Apple devices. 

Benefits When Using a Mobile Time Clock App

One of the most significant benefits small businesses will experience from mobile time tracking is preventing time card and payroll errors. Have you ever made a mistake on a time card when recording it manually? If not, have you been on the other end of the situation and had an error made on your time card? We are all humans, and these are common mistakes that are easily made. Mobile time clock technology prevents these errors from happening and offers you and your employees 100% accuracy when tracking time. Using a time clock system that prevents time card mistakes can help put your mind at ease, knowing that you are not cheating yourself or your employees out of money.

Common benefits include:

  • Accurate time cards are automatically calculated for payroll.
  • Employers can see who is on the clock by using GPS features.
  • Employees can conveniently clock in and out from the job site with the time clock app.
  • IP recognition for devices.
  • Save money and time.

Another benefit when using an employee time clock app is how it can improve company productivity. Higher productivity can increase a company’s profit margin, make customers happier, and employees will feel more accomplished. With more available time and improved accuracy, this will help pave the way for increased productivity in the workplace.

Since you will have the option to see IP addresses from devices that your employees use to punch in and out, this will eliminate buddy punching and time theft. By offering robust options and settings, employees will be prevented from punching in other employees. Eliminating buddy punching and time theft is extremely important for a company to stay within the payroll budget.

Time Clock App Features

The latest technology in time clock app features is designed to help companies operate from top to bottom. Our employee punch clock options allow employees to conveniently punch from a computer, phone apps, or a wall-mounted tablet.

Some popular time tracking features include:

  • Automatic time card calculation.
  • PTO tracking.
  • GPS, Geofencing, IP recognition.
  • Project and Job reporting.
  • Payroll integration.


Time clock app features mobile 

The robust employee PTO feature allows employees to request and accrue PTO. Managers also have the option to approve paid time off, add bulk PTO, and set up allotment or accrual rules. By the way, our PTO feature is excellent to use for holidays! Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to figure out holiday pay and allow OnTheClock to do it for you.

Other time clock features such as simple timecard editing are easy features and fun to use. Timesheets are in live-time, which means as you adjust punches or hours, the time card instantly reflects your changes, so you have an actual visual of what has changed. 

Time Clock App That Integrates With Payroll

To help streamline and speed up your payroll process, OnTheClock has provided the technology for you to integrate your timecard data with a variety of payroll providers, including:

  • QB Online
  • QB Desktop
  • ADP
  • Gusto
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Paychex
  • Sage 

Improve your workforce and productivity by adding a time clock app to your business.

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