Employee Punch Automation & Reminders

Setup an auto break & lunch schedule for your employees

seup auto breaks and lunches

Break Schedule

You can create a break schedule for your employees. This schedule allows you to do the following things...

  • Automatic Breaks
  • Punch Reminders
  • Paid or Un-Paid Breaks

Automatic Breaks

Our system can automatically punch the employee out for break then back in. Auto breaks are simple to setup, just set a day start time, then set the break out/in times, next check the "Auto" box and you're done. Our system will punch the employee in/out at the appropriate times, sending SMS(text) notifications to the employee.

automatic lunch breaks
punch reminders

Punch Reminders

Are your people always forgetting to punch in or out? Punch reminders are the solution. Once enabled, each employee will receive a SMS(text) reminding them to punch in.

Paid or Un-Paid Breaks

Do you pay all or part of your employees lunch/breaks? We have you covered! When adding the break, simply select No, Yes or Some for the "Paid" dropdown. If some, you can specify the max hour amount that you will pay.

paid lunches and breaks
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