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Helping businesses with free time tracking services

A message to our fellow business owners:

We have been helping businesses like yours during the recent crisis by providing our employee time tracking software to new users for free. Now that companies are in the process of opening back up, we would love to extend our free services to business owners across the globe to track their employees’ hours worked, without the financial burden. Starting May 18, 2020, our services will be free for new users until August 2020. This is a way for us to express our philanthropic views and say thank you for all you do. 

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Why We’re Helping Others

The answer is simple; OnTheClock wants to help businesses continue in their success, flourish in their communities, and achieve company and personal goals. Additionally, we want to see employees keep their jobs so they can take care of their families. 

We are a small business just like you, so we understand the devastation and negative impact this pandemic has had on fellow business owners and their surrounding communities.

Time Tracking Features

Freely enjoy the latest features in employee time tracking technology. Some of these time clock features include:

  • GPS.
  • PTO Tracking.
  • Employee Scheduling.
  • Project and Job Costing.
  • Automated Timecard Calculation.
Time tracking features
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Mobile Punch to Reduce Spreading Germs

Reduce the spread of germs and viruses more so by using our employee time clock app available in Google Play and the App Store. If you choose, your employees can use their personal devices to punch the clock and prevent the spread of germs and viruses that a public time clock station may pose. Learn more.


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