Prevent The Spread of Germs When Employees Punch The Clock

Prevent germs employee punch clock

Keep your business safe by reducing the amount of germs your employees encounter when clocking in and clocking out with a mobile employee time clock app. OnTheClock provides safe alternatives for employees when punching the clock during these challenging times.

Mobile Time Clock App

Employees have the convenience of safely clocking in with our mobile time clock app from their personal phone. This allows employees to clock-in on time and avoid sharing a public time clock, which can carry a lot of germs, viruses and bacteria. Our time tracking app is available for download in the App Store and in Google Play. Users of OnTheClock can also access their time clock account through the web browser on their mobile devices by visiting and signing in. 

Mobile phones are considered a personal item and less likely to be shared with others. In a survey by Bitdefender, 50% of people store private information on their smartphones. By having your employees use their personal smartphones as their time clock, it increases their safety while preventing the transmission of germs and viruses.

Learn more about our robust time clock features such as GPS tracking, IP recognition, PTO tracking, and much more. 

Employees And Employers Can View Digital Time Cards

Take an extra step of caution and reduce the spread of germs and viruses in the workplace by viewing timecards through your personal time clock account. Without coming into contact with any of your co-workers, OnTheClock users can easily access time cards and integrate them with their payroll providers

Business owners or managers can review the time cards before being approved. Not only is this a great way to reduce contact with others during a time when individuals are supposed to be staying six feet away from each other, but it is very convenient and time saving as well. Business owners will no longer need to invest unnecessary time with handwritten timesheets. 

Contact-FreeTime Data Transfer To Payroll Providers And Accountants 

Once the workweek has been completed and your timecards are approved, they can be sent electronically to your payroll department for processing. This contact-free feature will ensure the safety of you and others by eliminating hand-to-hand transferring of documents. 

In an effort to connect businesses with their accountants, OnTheClock users can send an email invite to their payroll providers so they can conveniently access time cards with permission through our linked account feature

If you are an accountant and are looking for a simpler way to access your clients’ employees’ time cards, we offer a program called OnTheClock Pro that will allow accounts to create a main account so they can onboard their clients under them. 

Be Sure To Frequently Sanitize Mobile Devices

Just because an employee will be using their own mobile device to punch in and out, it is still important to frequently sanitize it. A report by USA Today states that smartphones are seven times dirtier than toilet seats. With this being said, you can see why it is important to clean your phone. 

By combining mobile punching with proper smartphone sanitation and handwashing, employees will be safer in the fight against germs and viruses in the workplace. 

Reduce The Spread Of Germs At Work

Make your team safer and more efficient with a time clock app.