How Much Can OnTheClock Save You?

The savings numbers come from the APA(American Payroll Association),
the nation's leading authority in payroll education, publications and training.

  Number Of Employees
  Average Hourly Wage
  Hours Worked Weekly
  Wasted Time
  Human Error
  Time Theft
  Your Estimated Savings Per Year
These numbers come from APA(American Payroll Association) studies and reports

Human Error

The American Payroll Association has done studies that show a human error rate between 1% and 8% depending when calculation gross payroll. In the calculator about we use a relatively low estimate, 2% to run the calculations. By using OnTheClock, you eliminate transcribing employee hours and manual time card calculations.

Wasted Time

It takes an average of around 6 minutes to calculate one time card per employee according to the APA. If you are the type to double check, it can take up to 10 minutes to do the math for the calculations. Do you have multiple locations? If so, there is wasted time driving or waiting for emails or faxes with the employee time data.OnTheClock does all the calculations for you, automatically and instantaneously. Being an online time clock, all hours are available at any computer.

Time Theft

An estimated 7% of gross payroll is simply stolen from U.S. companies each year according to a study done by Software Advice. Time theft is most commonly done by buddy punching, where one employee punches another employee in our out. With controls like GPS punch locations, device authorization and automation, buddy punching can be eliminated and time theft drastically reduced

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