OnTheClock For Accountants And Payroll Providers

All the free tools needed for independent accountants, bookkeepers and payroll providers who operate their own firm. This program is designed to improve the payroll processes by conveniently allowing accountant access to their clients' time cards.

Time Tracking For Accountants

A Solution And Benefits For You And Your Clients

With OnTheClock Pro, accountants will have access to their client’s time clock accounts through the OnTheClock system to easily streamline their payroll process. Reducing payroll errors is important for all accountants and businesses, and OTC Pro offers a solution for this pain point. 

Common benefits for accountants include:

  • Improve payroll efficiency and save time by conveniently accessing ALL of your clients from one account. 
  • Increase payroll and timecard accuracy.
  • Send time data directly to payroll providers such as Gusto, Quickbooks, Accounting CS, and more. 
  • 20% discount for your clients.

Common benefits for the clients include:

  • Holding employees accountable for their hours worked.
  • Assurance of employees being paid on time.
  • Accurate PTO tracking
  • Employers have the ability to see who is punched in/out and from where via GPS.

"OnTheClock saves on average, one to six hours per client, per pay period, by no longer verifying paper punches and tracking down information."
- Stephen, CPA

How OnTheClock Pro Works

Getting started is easy and only takes a few minutes. Within those few minutes, accountants will have the option to invite their clients to start using OnTheClock. Clients and business owners can also invite their accountants to join their time tracking account. Learn more here.

Easily add your clients

  1. Create your OnTheClock account as an accountant.
  2. Once logged in, invite your clients to start using OnTheClock.
  3. Clients set up their own OnTheClock accounts and add their employees.
  4. You now have access to account data and timesheets for your clients.

Process payroll for your clients

  1. Log in to your OnTheClock account.
  2. Select the client you would like to access.
  3. Export, print or send time data into your accounting software.
  4. Process payroll as normal.

Get Started Today

We make it simple and easy to invite your clients.

Who Qualifies For OnTheClock Pro For Accountants

In order to qualify for our accountants program, you must be the owner of an external accounting or payroll firm that services businesses. If you are an internal accountant or payroll provider of a company (e.g. an employee) then please check out OnTheClock for additional information and offerings that may be available for your employer. 

Some examples of qualifying business types that will benefit from OnTheClock Pro include Accounting firms, Payroll companies, Bookkeepers who are servicing multiple businesses, and Business consultants. 

Become Featured In Our Accountant Marketplace

Enhance your accounting firm and become featured in front of our 10,000 business professionals who use OnTheClock. By providing our time clock users with a trusted accounting resource, your firm has the opportunity to expand its clientele with our accountant marketplace. You can also improve your payroll process by onboarding current clients to use OnTheClock to track employee hours worked.

Establish yourself as an OnTheClock trusted Accountant:

Accountants have the option to earn a certified badge that represents he or she completed OnTheClock’s educational videos and quizzes that provide detailed information about how our time clock operates. The badge will be displayed next to your marketplace profile to signify your wealth of knowledge within our time clock system. 

Video 1: Getting Started

Video 2: OTC Features

Video 3: Reporting, Payroll and Compliance

Accountants can opt to not take advantage of earning their badge and still be listed inside the accountant marketplace. However, without the badge, it may result in less recognition on your profile as our users prefer an accountant with knowledge in our time tracking software. 

How to become featured:

We require a little bit of information from our featured accountants/bookkeeper to ensure we are providing our customers with qualified candidates. Please send the following information to support@ontheclock.com or call 888-753-5999. 

  • Company name.
  • Contact information.
  • Location of business.
  • Photo of yourself, team or business.
  • Description of your accounting expertise.

See examples on how your profile will be featured in our accountant marketplace.

Contact OnTheClock With Questions

We would like to encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we have to offer with our OnTheClock for accountants program. 

How Payroll Mistakes Can Harm Your Company

Did You Know? Payroll and time card mistakes can cost approximately $4 to $9 each pay period. This excludes the amount of money that businesses may be overpaying their employee(s). For example, a simple payroll error can cause an employee to reflect an additional hour each week on their paycheck and timecard.

Now let's say this employee is making $15 per hour, working 5 days a week, and 40 hours each week. With 52 weeks in a year, this increases that one employee’s salary by $780 per year for time they did not work. This amount does not reflect overtime hours that the employee could be working. Additionally, this amount can be extremely higher depending on the number of employees the business has and how much they are earning. 

These mistakes can be made simply because the employee is not using the proper time tracking tool and due to the fact that an accountant does not have immediate access to their client’s time tracking account. 

We Try To Give Our Accountants An Advantage When Tracking Timecards 

Our time tracking company understands the importance that accountants and payroll providers have on small businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 1.4 million accountants in the United States. This number is projected to increase by 6% by 2020. Since accountants prepare and examine financial records, it is important for them to be provided with accurate information in a timely manner. 

With 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, it is easy to see how accountants can be overloaded and looking for solutions to make their jobs easier. This is one of many reasons that we offer OnTheClock Pro. Accountants, payroll providers, bookkeepers, and small business owners will experience a variety of life changing benefits to improve time card accuracy and streamline the payroll process to prevent payroll mistakes. 

Getting Started is Easy

Free For Accountants, Payroll Providers and Bookkeepers.