Time Tracking That Connects Businesses With Their Accountants

Accountants accessing clients' time cards

Businesses can conveniently allow their accountant to access their employees’ time cards for an improved payroll processing experience.

How OnTheClock’s Account Linking Works

Connecting accounts is extremely easy and quick to do for both business owners and accountants. Simply allow one account to have instant access to others. This is a great solution for accountants to nest and access multiple businesses that a single business owner may have. These could include franchises, numerous medical office locations or separate business entities. Whatever it may be, OnTheClock has it covered. 

Business Owners

OnTheClock users can conveniently grant access to their accountants by sending them an email invite. Once the accountant accepts to join OnTheClock, he or she will have authoritative access to the account. This makes it easy for both parties to process accurate time data.

 Invite your accountant



Once an accountant creates their own OnTheClock Pro account, they can request access to an existing OnTheClock account or create Child Accounts for their clients. These child accounts are sub-accounts to the accountant’s Parent account. Accountants will be able to set up a new account for their clients in no time.

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Benefits And Why You Should Try It Out

By now you have an understanding about how our linked accounts feature works, but do you truly understand the benefits? If not, then please allow us to provide some common benefits below:

  • Saves time for business owners and accountants. 
  • Streamlines the payroll process. 
  • Provides accurate information for accountants to run payroll. 
  • Ensures employees are paid accurately and on time. 

We will keep it simple for the reasons why you should try it out.

  • Accountants can stay organized by conveniently having their clients’ account directly under them without the worry of chasing down time cards. 
  • It’s a great way for a business owner to separate their various locations with a single sign-on, and no longer need to spend time sending timecards to payroll.

It’s really as simple and easy as that! To learn how to link accounts step-by-step, please visit our Linked Accounts Guide.

Improve Your Time Card and Payroll Accuracy

Connecting businesses with payroll.