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A Robust yet Simple Web Based Time Clock App - "You're Gonna Love Us!"

in a nutshell... Employees punch in and out, You get time cards for payroll

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State Farm uses
H&R Block uses our web based time clock
H&R Block uses our online  timeclock system

What are our customers saying?

Excellent and Affordable
Reviewed by Ada on 02/12/2016
I started using on the clock 4 years ago. As my business has grown its grown with me. This company is super responsive, flexible and adaptable. The minute I think about why this or that feature cant be part of on the clock. Theyve added it or are working on it. I love it.

Simple, Efficient Way to Track Hourly Employees Time
Reviewed by Allyson on 02/11/2016
Our payroll processing time was cut in half by not having to calculate employee hours from a manual time clock system. On the Clock was recommended to me by another company that had been using it for a while and I have recommended it to others.

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Well thank you very much! -Dallas-

The best find!
Reviewed by Kristina on 02/11/2016
I was looking for a simple, easy online time clock with nothing crazy being we are a very small business. Not only is it really easy to set up and use, it also integrates with Quickbooks Payroll and now has an app that my employees can download and clock in and clock out and keep track of there hours as well as my own app to notify me. I would recommend this program 100%.

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Thank you very much! -Dallas-

Reviewed by Focused Manager on 02/11/2016
On The Clock is a critical business tool for us.... we could not be as effective as we are without our cloud based time clock.... On The Clock! Makes payroll and easy and secure!

Fast easy solid service
Reviewed by John Gentile MD on 02/09/2016
They all claim fast efficient, but do they provide outstanding service? When I have a question ..On the Clock answers..Great company...

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Thank you! -Dallas-

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We are currently offering 100% free accounts if you have 2 employees or less.

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