6 Things A Punch Clock Needs
Number 1It Must Be Easy For Everyone (Employees And Employers)

When setting up your employee punch clock, it should be super simple to configure and should take minutes not hours. The days of messy software installations and problems during setup are dead. Modern web based employee time clocks allow near instant setup and implementation. Once running, daily operations such as managing employees, adjusting time cards and running payroll should take minutes(preferably seconds). Being online, you can access your account from any device at work, home or on the road.

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Number 2It Must Be Accurate

A report using data from APA(American Payroll Association) shows up to 15% of gross payroll is stolen(time theft / buddy punching) or miscalculated. One of the primary goals when implementing an employee time clock is to accurately track time. The system should be accurate concerning the punch in / punch out times, it should also be accurate when generating reports for payroll.

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Number 3It Must Be Secure

You want to verify that employees are at work when clocking in and out. There is a fear when using an online punch clock that employees can simply punch in/out wherever the want, this is not the case. In modern time tracking apps, punch location control is accomplished using geo-location(GPS), IP restrictions, fingerprint(biometric) readers and device authorization.

What is the internet goes down? Can I access the time clock?

Number 4It Must Be Reliable

Extreme uptime is one characteristic that all time tracking systems should demonstrate and should always be working for 100% uptime. The system should use technologies such geographically separate data centers and server mirroring make sure that you can access the system anytime and anywhere. Internet reliability is also a major concern, however there are some recent statistics which show that an online punch clock app is more reliable than an electronic or computer based system.

Number 5It Must Be Trusted

The Yale School Of Management shows that the overwhelming majority of reviews are real and accurate, Do you want to start using a system, possibly for weeks only to find out that it is not what was advertised? When going to a new restaurant, we look at the reviews right? You should always check the reviews of a new time clock service before using it.

Number 6It Must Have The Options You Need

Yes, you need a time clock for your employees to punch in and out. Many companies need PTO(paid time off) tracking and approval, experts agree it is best done at the punch clock level. Phone Apps also make life easier for managers and employees(yes there are punch location controls for employees). Scheduling is also something that many people want and use, make sure that is available.

Good News!

OnTheClock Has All 6 Of These [And More, Please Scroll]

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Easy Setup

OnTheClock is easy! Look at our reviews, ‘easy’ is used over 500 times. Setting up a punch clock app for your employees should not be difficult, our philosophy is “No Instructions Required”. We have taken great care to make sure account setup is quick and simple. You can add employees one at a time, in bulk or we can import them for you. Employee invites and instructions are automatically sent so each employee can start using the app and time can be tracked.

Clock Spots And Controls

Your employees will love the options to punch in and punch out and you will love the controls of where punching is allowed. There are several time clock options for employees, they can use the phone app, a computer or a wall mounted tablet to clock in and out. Many employers are concerned when they realize that the employees can punch in and out on a phone, we have you covered. You have many options to control where employee clocking can occur, we offer many location controls including geofencing(GPS), device authorization, browser and IP location.

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Payroll & Time Card Reporting

Getting employee hours for payroll should be simple and with us it is! Our time clock uses a live time cards system, this means that you do not have to “Run” or calculate the pay period every time a time card adjustment is made. Simply make the adjustment and the time cards auto calculate. When you are ready to send employee hours to payroll this is quick also. You can print, download to excel, email or send directly to many payroll providers and payroll software, including QuickBooks.

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Job & Project Costing

A modern time punch clock should also allow reporting employee time for billing purposes. With OnTheClock you can group and total employee hours by Customer, Project, Task, Job and Department. The coded employee hours can then be exported to excel or CSV format for billing purposes. You can even set up nesting levels, for instance customer A will have certain projects and customer B will have a separate set of projects. Any small business can benefit by using our time clock software.

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The Best Time Clock For Small Business

OnTheClock was created for small businesses, it was designed specifically for you! If your small business has 1 or 2 employees, you get a FREE account with OnTheClock, otherwise it is only $2.50 per employee. We recognize that smaller companies cannot afford a large investment into time clocks, software or expensive servers. So we created OnTheClock. With features like employee time tracking apps, robust PTO, scheduling and employee location controls, OnTheClock is the best online punch clock for small companies.

Free 30 Day Trial

Sign up takes just a few moments, simply enter your name and email address then click sign up.  Your online free time clock trial is instantly created, you can then add employees.  You can opt to have instructions sent to each employee via email/text, this will tell the employee how to punch in and out using the time clock.  Let the employees punch in/out for the week, then log back in and get your time cards for payroll.

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On The Clock has made payroll a breeze!
Devine Printing said...
I appreciate how On The clock has made payroll a much easier and faster process. The employees like the simplicity of clocking in and out with their phone as well as being able to know how many hours they have with the time card summary at their fingertips.
Great App for small business
Mark Hoerman said...
We are a new (2 year old) company. Instead of the punch clock system, I wanted something online where I could monitor it. I looked at several and had a fellow franchisee tell me about ontheclock.com. I looked it over on Youtube to see how it works and started it at our business. It is cheap for me and my 15 employees and works wonderful!! Money is tight when you start up a business and this is the best $20 a month you will ever spend! 5 stars!!
Easy to use
Theresa said...
Ive worked on several different time clock programs and OnTheClock.com is by far the easiest. Reports are just a click. Keeps track of overtime, lunches, PTO. Simple instructions to add and or delete employees. Very happy with this program.

Customer Success Stories

So many of our customers love OnTheClock,  We have customers from way back in 2004 who are still with us, using the time clock software every day!  Here, we see how a few customers implemented their employee time tracking system in a matter or minutes.  From sign up to employees punching in and out in about 5 minutes.


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Online Time Clock
Click sign up and start your free account today, it is genuinely free if you have 2 employees or less.  If you have more than 2 employees the cost is only $2.50 per employee.  With OnTheClock, you get great features like PTO, scheduling, automations and reminders, finger print punch options and so much more.  It takes only a few minutes to open your free account and get your time clock running, please give it a try.