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OnTheClock Philanthropy

Here at OnTheClock we feel that we are extremely blessed as a company and as individuals. The founding principle of starting OnTheClock was to build a time clock that would make people's lives easier and more productive.  We feel that our goal has been achieved and have created a philanthropic system based on the Salesforce 1-1-1 model.

1% Free/Discounted OTC Accounts

We offer deep discounts and often free time clock accounts to schools, charities, non-profits and churches.  So if you fit into one of these categories, please contact us!

1% OTC Staff Volunteer Time

OnTheClock team members are given 3 VTO (Volunteer Time Off) days to volunteer at local shelters, charities, schools, churches etc.  Each employee can choose where to use their VTO, however, the time must be donated to a legitimate cause.  VTO days are paid of course!

1% OTC Equity

1% of OTC equity, which of course comes from our paying customers is donated to various causes.  These causes could be cancer, environmental, hunger, veterans, churches, Autism, human rights etc.  Our team members vote to decide where the donations go each year.


At the end of the day we are a time clock company, we help people around the world track employee time.  We want to do a little more than that, we want to help out people in general.  Our efforts may be small, but it other business follow our lead, we can make the world a better place.