Employee Time Tracking Features

Employee Clock Options

1) Easy Employee Time Clock

Our modern time clock for small businesses allows employees to clock in and out from a computer, phone app or wall mounted tablet. This convenient option helps eliminate the long lines that a traditional clock in system may cause. Workers are able to start their daily tasks and duties quicker by a simple click of a button. Some would say, out with the old, in with the new!

2) Robust Employee PTO

Proper PTO tracking allows for a smoother and more accurate payroll process. Employees are able to request paid time off through the system so the manager can see and approve or deny the specific time requested. Employers are able to select from a variety of options that best fits their company’s PTO needs. In addition, employees can see their PTO hours so they are aware how much they have to use for vacation, sick day, personal day, etc. Eliminate the headache of manually adding up employee paid time off hours and allow our system to automatically do it for you.

Employee PTO Options
Easy Employee Time Sheet Editing

3) Simple Time Card Editing

Our timesheet system is live which means that as you adjust time and hours, the time card instantly reflects the changes. This neat feature was designed for employers to have the ability to quickly make adjustments to provide accurate hours.

4) Employees Can Clock In At Your Web Site

With OnTheClock you can allow employees to punch in and out right on your website. Your team simply goes to your site and the time clock is visible and ready to use. Have the option to add it to one dedicated page or all pages. Also, you can minimize the clock when not in use so it does not become a nuisance.

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Add A Punch Clock To Your Web Site

5) Who's In Page

Sometimes employees may forget to punch in or out. So, we added an option for employers to see the status of their employees. If Dean forgot to clock in, then his supervisor will be able to see and make corrections to his time. After all, we would not want Dean to miss out on a hard day’s work! Are you in?

  • See All Employees' Status
  • Add Missed Time Card Entries
  • See In And Out Times
Punch Automation, Auto And Paid Breaks

6) Automated Punch, Paid Breaks & Reminders

Lets face it, we are all humans and sometimes we forget things. This is why we offer automated clock in options. These options help the ones who may forget to punch in or out for the start of their shifts and/or breaks. You also have the option to have reminders sent to your employees that will alert them via emails and/or text messages. These reminder alerts will also help employees to develop habits when it comes to using a modern punch clock.

7) Employee Shift Scheduling

Are you stressed out when it comes to creating an efficient work schedule? Sometimes you may schedule an employee on a day when he or she is not supposed to be, you may miscalculate starting and ending hours or you may leave out an employee by accident all together. Well, no worries, we have you covered! Our modern interface allows quick setup for your employee schedule. Simply click to add a shift, then drag and drop employee shifts on the schedule as needed.

  • Drag And Drop
  • Publish And Share With Employees
  • Day, Week And Month Views
Simple And Effiective Employee Shift Scheduling
Employee Clock Dashboard

8) The Dashboard

Okay, so we aren’t talking about the dashboard that is in your car, but you are able to use our time clock dashboard in a similar way. This feature allows you to see a complete overview of your company. You are able to see where employees are punching in/out from, access individual employee information and it really helps you to stay on top of your company’s performance. Make sure your small business is operating at its highest level while being a well-oiled employee time tracking machine.

  • View Employee GPS Locations
  • See Who's In / Out
  • Quickly Access Employees
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All Time Clock Features

  • Free upgrades, no licensing fees
  • Works on all computers, phones & tablets- Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry
  • Employees can punch from any computer or smart phone - You can limit locations with location rules
  • We have the best features at the best price - our 5000+ customers can attest to this
  • 24x7x365 phone critical support.
  • Automatic gross payroll calculation
  • PTO time accrual- Personal, Vacation, Sick & Holiday
  • Track holidays, sick days, vacations etc.
  • Job Costing - Employees log time to jobs, breakdown jobs on timecards
  • Payroll Service - You can optionally signup for Payroll Connect to handle your payroll
  • Employees can punch in/out from assigned locations
  • Time Rules- e.g. do not allow punching before a certain time
  • Group Punch Station allows very quick clocking for multiple employees using a single computer - just like a wall mounted clock
  • Multilingual support - custom prompts 
  • Warn or lockdown where employees can login from to one or multiple locations
  • No training involved & highly customizable
  • Administrator, manager & employee user levels
  • Unlimited managers & employees
  • Employees can change between jobs and departments
  • Unlimited time entries per day
  • Low Cost - Plans starting at $4.50 / month
  • Automatic overtime calculation, including California.
  • Export data to Excel CSV file or PDF 
  • Free lifetime upgrades - automatic
  • No hardware required  - No initial investment
  • 100% internet based Security
  • 15 min, 6 min or no punch rounding
  • Automatic break deduction - optional
  • Works with all computers - PC, Mac & Linux
  • Works with all smart phones - iPhone/iPad, Android & Blackberry
  • Unlimited user defined departments and jobs
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly & semi-monthly pay periods
  • Employees can punch after and through midnight SSL 128 Bit Site Security
  • No contract - cancel anytime
  • Free support & upgrades- you will never pay for support or upgrades


  • 256 Bit SSL encryption
  • All sensitive information encrypted at database level
  • Biometric lock on web and database servers
  • Data is automatically backed up nightly


  • Built on Microsoft's ASP.NET development platform
  • SQL Server database
  • Hosted with OrcsWeb in a world class data center
  • We have demonstrated 99.999% uptime , that's less than 5 minutes of downtime per year!
  • Our service is constantly monitored for issues or failures by a third party monitoring service - siteuptime.com

Reporting / Exporting

  • View or print all screen data
  • Custom PDF reports
  • Custom Excel/Database/HR exports
  • Email both PDF and Excel exports