Mobile Time Clock For Employees

Mobile Time Clock


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Mobile Time Tracking

With workers on the go, a mobile time clock to track employee hours is a must. With OnTheClock your employees use their cell phones to clock in/out and you get to control where the punch in/out can occur. We utilize GPS, IP and device authorization to make sure employees are at the right location when clocking in.



Personal Time Clock

Our apps(Android & Apple) turn your employees phone into a personal time clock. With GPS & IP controls, you control where and when employees can clock in and out. By going mobile, employees have the benefit of clocking in on site.

Employee Time Clock Dashboard



 Mobile Time Clock With GPS

GPS Location Control

One major concern when giving employees the option to clock in and out on a mobile device is not know that they are at work. We anticipated this and built in controls which allow you to stop employees from punching the clock from un-authorized locations. We offer Geo-Location(GPS), IP and device authorization controls, these suit even the most demanding location control needs.


Manual Clock In/Out

One popular option is for managers or crew leaders to use a tablet/phone to clock employees in/out when they arrive or leave. It takes just a few seconds for a manager to clock in the employee.

                                 Punch In And Out


 Time Clock Kiosk

Group Time Clock

If you prefer that employees not use their phone or if employees do not have smartphones, you opt for our Group Punch clock. Using our app and any phone or tablet, employees use a PIN number to clock in and out.


BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

When you use OnTheClock to track your employees time, one popular option is to use the employees phone as their personal time clock. We offer a free app for Android and IPhone, the employee downloads the app, signs in and they instantly can punch in and out from the phone. Using the BYOD option, businesses reduce the initial(and ongoing) cost of a computerized time clock system

A few questions you may have…

How much data does the OnTheClock app use?

While we cannot give an exact cell data usage number, you can be assured that it is very low. Monthly usage of our app will be about 10MB, that is about the equivalent of sending 1 picture taken by your phone's camera.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download! Standard monthly fees per employee apply, see our pricing page.

What about battery consumption?

The time clock app does not run constantly, only when an employee clocks in and out. When used 2-4 times per day, you can expect an extremely minimal amount of phone battery consumption.

What about my employees privacy?

If you you are using GPS to control where the employee can clock in from then the GPS coordinates at the time of punching are recorded. This GPS data is securely stored on our servers.