Live GPS Tracking - Employee GPS in Real-Time While Working

GPS tracking in real-time

Tracking employee GPS when on the clock is a powerful management tool for understanding your company’s daily operations. Live GPS tracking helps you to understand where your employees are located in the field, the routes they are commuting, and knowing when they are moving between client sites.

How it Works

Live GPS tracking works by displaying a breadcrumb trail from an employee who has their GPS enabled. The Administrator of the account simply turns on the app GPS tracking feature and starts conveniently using the Dashboard to view the employee’s GPS trail. The breadcrumbs are in the shape of an arrow to indicate the direction of transit.

 Live GPS tracking settings

You can review the date, direction, speed, accuracy, and the time of when the GPS was updated. This mini-report is a great method to see how long an employee’s commute took, how long they were stopped in-between job locations, and if he or she took the most efficient route.

Why Use Live GPS Tracking

OnTheClock’s live GPS tracking can be used to monitor productivity and improve business operations. You will be able to design an efficient method to improve time by analyzing routes traveled by employees and time spent in transit. By seeing the live GPS report, issues can be corrected by improving the employee’s journey.

Common benefits included when using GPS features:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Verifying time card accuracy
  • Monitoring overtime
  • Employee safety - ensure they are not speeding or violating traffic laws

Live GPS tracking app 

Common Industries That Use Employee GPS Tracking

This GPS feature is used by many companies for a variety of industries. Here is a brief list of common industries who regularly use live GPS tracking. 

  • On the road sales teams
  • Fleet services
  • Healthcare - caregivers
  • Cleaning services
  • Construction companies
  • Contractors 
  • Event coordinators 

This list is used as an example and does not represent all companies who use traveling as a source of work. If your company is not in one of the previously mentioned industries, it’s okay, because OnTheClock’s live GPS tracking is for every business

OnTheClock Provides GPS Features

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