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Your all-in-one employee
time tracking solution

Simple, affordable, and without the complications.

Time & Attendance Tracking

Precision in Every Hour

Automatically record employee clock-ins and clock-outs, making sure work hours are right.

  • Track start and end times without any fuss.
  • Know exactly how long each employee worked.
  • Trust that every hour logged is spot on.

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Time & Attendance Tracking
Automatic PTO Tracking
Automatic PTO Tracking

Always Know Who's Off

Keep tabs on all paid time off without the headaches.

  • Easily monitor vacation, sick, and personal time.
  • Say goodbye to manual tracking errors.
  • Make sure every off day is noted right.

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Location & Punch Controls

Making Every Clock-In Count

Make sure employees clock in and out where they should.

  • Set boundaries for where employees can punch in.
  • Monitor precise times for every employee's shift.
  • Ensure all time logs are accurate and trustworthy.

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Location & Punch Controls
Easy Overtime Tracking
Easy Overtime Tracking

No More Guesswork!

Ensure accurate and compliant overtime pay calculations effortlessly.

  • No more confusing calculations – it’s all automatic!
  • Set it up easily to follow your state’s overtime rules.
  • Get alerts when someone’s close to overtime – no surprises on payday!

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Punching Devices

Easy Time Tracking on Any Device

Track your time easily, no matter what device you’re using, for hassle-free timekeeping.

Always get your times right, no matter where you log in from.
Switch between devices without a hitch.
Enjoy easy and friendly use on all devices.

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Easy Time Tracking on Any Device

All Our Features

Managing Time

Time Card Adjustments

Empower Accuracy

Modify and correct time entries effortlessly.

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Time Card Approval

Accuracy at Your Fingertips

Effortlessly check and approve your employee time card submissions.

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Allow employees to add & adjust time.

Empower Your Team's

Let your team handle their time entries, making things simpler for everyone.

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Time card audit log

Record Every Change

Easily track every edit made to time cards for full transparency.

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Pay Periods Options

Choose the Right Pay Period for Your Business

Tailor your payroll schedule to fit your business needs.

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Customizable time categories

Match Us with Your Payroll

Edit time categories to fit perfectly with your payroll system.

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Team Communication

Alerts & Reminders

Keep Everyone on Track

Keep everyone updated with timely alerts for clock-ins, overtime, and more.

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Company Announcements

Clear Communication, Every Time

Send important messages to your team quickly.

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Photo Attachments

Capture the Moment, Verify the Work

Attach photos to time entries for clear, accountable task tracking.

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Schedule Notes

Your Workday Insights

Check and note down daily work details and time changes.

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Overtime Alerts

Keeping Extra Hours in Check

Get alerts to help you avoid surprise overtime costs.

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Punch Notes

Every Clock-In Tells a Story

Let employees add quick notes when they start or end work.

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Employee surveys

Hear What Your Team Thinks

Get feedback from your team quickly and easily.

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Team chat

Easy Talk, Better Work

Stay in sync with your team and get things done

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Location and Punch Controls

GPS Punch Recording

Authenticity in Every Tick

Log the exact GPS location for each clock-in and clock-out.

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GPS breadcrumb trails

Know Your Team's Routes

See where your employees go during shifts.

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Device restriction

Trust Only the Right Devices

Allow only certain devices for recording work hours.

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Wifi Restriction

Defining Boundaries

Limit clock-ins to specific networks or IPs.

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Location Map

A Bird's Eye View of Your Team

Get a real-time view of where your employees are.

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The Guard at Your Gate

Set specific areas for employees to clock-ins and clock-outs.

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Prevent Early Punching

Making Sure Everyone Starts at the Right Time

Stop employees from clock-in before the scheduled time.

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Punch Methods

Fingerprint Punching

Secure and Quick Time Tracking

Punch in swiftly using your unique fingerprint.

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Effortless Clocking In and Out

Track work hours easily right from your desktop computer.

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Mobile App

Know Your Work Hours in Advance

See how many hours your team will work and what it will cost you.

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Mobile browser

Easy Clock-In from Anywhere

Punch in and out from your phone's browser - no extra equipment needed.

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Turn Your Tablet into a Time Clock

Easily change any tablet into a check-in station for your employees.

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Shift Scheduling

Drag & Drop Schedule Builder

Easy Scheduling, Fast Changes

Make and change work schedules in seconds.

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Scheduled Hours Estimator

Know Your Work Hours in Advance

See how many hours your team will work and what it will cost you.

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Job, location, department scheduling

Match the Right Job and Place

Easily assign who works where and in what role, making your scheduling hassle-free.

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Distribute via Excel, PDF, web, email

Share the Way You Want

Send out schedules using Excel, PDF, web, or email.

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Reports and Integrations

Who's in Dashboard

See Your Team's Status

Quickly check who's working and where they checked in.

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Job & Project Costing

Keeping Tabs on Your Budget

See where your money goes on every task and project.

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Quick and Easy Reports

Get your data in clear, handy formats.

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Gross Pay Calculations

Say Goodbye to Complex Calculations

Quickly figure out what each employee earns, including extra hours.

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Scheduled Reports

Timely Updates, Every Time

Get regular updates on work hours without lifting a finger.

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Payroll Integrations

Making Payouts Easy

Easily sync your worked hours with your payroll system.

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Additional Features

Automatic breaks

Easy to Set, Easy to Track

Easily schedule and track breaks for every employee.

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Punch rounding

Make Time Tracking Easier

Automatically round up or down your clock-in and clock-out times.

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Multiple company accounts

One Solution for All Your Businesses

Easily handle different locations or businesses with separate accounts.

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Admin and manager permissions

Control Who Can Do What

Set clear roles for your team members with a few clicks.

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Salaried hours tracking

Understand Your Team's Time

Easily keep track of your salaried employees' hours.

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Track tips, bonus, commission & mileage

Comprehensive Payroll Tracking

Keep track of everything all in one place.

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Employee group settings

Simplify Team Management

Easily apply shared settings across your employee groups.

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