GPS and WiFi Tracking for Accurate Employee Timesheets

GPS and WiFi tracking for accurate employee timesheets

A time clock with GPS tracking and work WiFi recognition increases employee accountability and builds trust. Securely manage employees at multiple locations by knowing who’s on the clock. Great for in-office, mobile and remote workers. OnTheClock’s beneficial GPS tracker and work IP recognition tells employers everything they need to know when it comes to employees clocking in and out while improving payroll.

GPS and Wifi tracking for accurate employee timesheets
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This is a great tracking system and easy for all of our employees to clock in/out and it also assists us to keep track of our employee locations through the GPS. It assist us a lot with the calculations of times and locations worked for our employees.

By Christopher Harrington
GPS location tracking

GPS location tracking

Control where employees clock in and out, track their location and improve timesheet accuracy. OnTheClock provides robust GPS features such as location of coordinates and real-time GPS tracking. Produce a positive experience by preventing employees punching the clock from unassigned locations.

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Time tracking with geofencing

Prevent paying for time not spent on the jobsite. Geofencing is a great solution in the fight against time theft. Easily set an area where you would like employees to be when they’re on the clock and allow our technology to do the rest. Beneficial for employers and workers, geofencing enhances productivity and timesheet accuracy.

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Time tracking with Geofencing
Workplace wifi recognition with OnTheClock

Workplace wifi recognition

Ensure employees aren’t stealing time by assigning unique WiFi and internet IP addresses from the workplace. Our time clock will not allow employees to clock in or out if WiFi or internet connections do not match what you have set.

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Device and browser lockdown

Take employee punching to the next level by easily locking down authorized devices and their browsers. This requires employees to use these specific devices in order to clock in and out. Conveniently choose from mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Very simple to implement with effective time card results.

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Time tracking with device and browser lockdown
Know who's working with OnTheClock

Know who's working

Quickly perform an attendance check with our Who’s In punch map and employee location pin drop indicators. Our system provides accurate time and location data for when and where an employee punched the clock so you don’t have to worry about it. Do you know who’s working?

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