Employee GPS, Location, IP & Device Lockdown

Control where employees punch in / out from

IP Address Lock Down

(aka your internet connection)

Your work internet connection has a unique IP address. We allow you to make sure employees are at work by using IP location restrictions.

  • One or multiple IP locations
  • Warn and lock down options
  • IP location violation alerts
employee gps location map
control employee punch locations with geo fencing

Employee Geo Fencing

Control where employees can punch in/out from using GPS and Geo Fencing.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Use a fingerprint reader with your time clock to ensure employees are at your work location

  • Simple and inexpensive to setup
  • Guaranteed employee presence
  • Faster employee punching
biometric employee time clock
device authorization for punching

Device & Browser Authorization

Authorize only certain phone, tablets & browsers for employee punching

  • Allow only work computers or devices
  • Simple to implement
  • Very Effective
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