Excel TimeSheet Calculator With Lunch And Overtime

Here is a free excel timesheet calculator for you to download, it also calculates lunch and overtime! You enter your company name, employee name, times for each day and the timesheet calculator automatically figures out the totals.

TimeSheet Calculator

Step 1) Download the TimeSheet Calculator

The first step will be to download the calculator, here is the link...
Download TimeSheet Calculator

Step 2) Company & Employee Details

Next you will enter your company name, employee name, pay period(e.g. 1/1/2018 - 1/7/2018), and notes. All these fields are optional, only enter them if they are relevant to you.

Step 3) Enter Employee Dates & Times

Next you will enter the employees days worked along with the start, lunch & end times.

You will see the daily and total hours auto calculate for you!

Step 4) Switch To A Modern Time Clock

This Excel spreadsheet is a great way to start tracking employee time, but it takes a bunch of your time and is error prone. Switching to an online time clock eliminates these issues, here are some benefits...

Time Clock Adjustments