How Our Web Time Clock Works

How OnTheClock Works

You’re just 3 minutes away from a full-featured online time clock that stops time theft, tracks time accurately, and saves you hundreds of hours a year

Streamline all your time tracking and payroll tasks
in three minutes flat


Add Employees

Just enter your employees and they’ll automatically get notified with their login credentials. That’s all it takes to get up and running.

Adding employees to a time clock Addding employees to the time tracking system



Mobile phone with time trackingtablets & iPad for time clockTime clock for desktop


Employees clock in and out

Your team can clock in on any device. And with security features like GPS control and biometric fingerprint sign-in, you’ll always have peace of mind.


Send timesheets to payroll

Never stress over doing payroll again. Effortlessly approve timecards and send them to your HR software with our easy-to-use integrations… and get your payroll done in seconds.

time sheet with clock in and out times Export time card data

With OnTheClock, you’re fully in control

Easily assign user types and adjust permissions to give your team exactly the access they need



When you create your account, you’re the admin and have full access to all settings… and you can easily add more admins if you want.



Managers can view, adjust, and approve time cards and settings for their designated group of employees.



Employees can punch in and out from computers and mobile devices, view time cards, and request PTO.

Easy to use features, world class support

OnTheClock has been the only product that has consistently worked for us since opening our store 4 years ago. We’ve used 4 others that kept dropping from the apps or would leave us having to re-enter employee information, schedules, etc. OnTheClock is so user friendly and intuitive that you can adjust schedules anytime as needed, and review and submit payroll hours with confidence. We love it!

By Kelly Joy OnTheClock Customer

Clock in anywhere. Track hours. Do payroll in seconds.
Make time tracking effortless with OnTheClock.

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