How Our Time Clock Works

It takes about 3 minutes to have a fully functional time clock for your employees. Here are the basic steps...
  1. Open your account
  2. Add Employees - instructions are sent automatically to employees
  3. Employees Punch In/Out using a computer, tablet or phone apps
  4. Timecards Auto Calculate For Payroll
We have many options for PTO, scheduling & employee location control
Step 1

Start Your Account

  • Click The "Try Free" Button
  • Enter Your Email
  • Click "Start My Free Trial"
Quickly Add Up To 20 Employees
Step 2

Add Your Employees

  • Quickly add employees
  • Set Advanced Settings Later
  • Instructions / Invites Automatically Sent
Step 3

Employees Punch In and Out

  • Computer, Phone Or Tablet
  • GPS, IP & Device Restrictions
  • Easy For Any Employee
Many Options For Employee Time Clock Punching
Review And Send Time Cards To Payroll
Step 4

Review Time Sheets & Send To Payroll

  • Fast Time Card Checking
  • Easy Approval
  • Quickly Send To Payroll
It Takes Just 3 Minutes To Setup Your Time Clock...
30 day web time clock trial

User types & permissions in our time clock…

The Administrator
The admin is the top level person in your account, with full access to all settings, managers, employees, time cards etc. When you open an account you become the admin. Additional admins can be added if needed.

Your Managers
Managers have the ability to view/adjust their assigned employees & time cards. You may set up permissions as to what a manager can view and edit. Adding managers is optional.  Use managers to delegate responsibility for a group of employees.

Your Employees
Employees punch in and out from a computer or mobile device, yes mobile punching can be disabled. You also have options to allow employees to view time cards, request PTO and more.