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OnTheClock is an easy to use yet very robust online time clock system. Admins and Managers add employees, invites are automatically sent to your team. Your employees punch in and out, can request PTO & view their time card. When payroll is due, simply approve the hours and send off to your payroll personnel.

Employee Punch Clock Options

1) Easy Employee Time Clock

Your employees will love punching in and out using OnTheClock. We make is simple to use. Employees can use a computer, download the app, or use the online time clock on their phones browser. We even have an option to turn an inexpensive tablet into a timeclock with a fingerprint reader.

2) Robust Employee PTO

Our time clock software would not be complete without an amazing PTO system. Your employees can request various types of PTO (holiday, sick, vacation etc) from their browser or apps. The admin or managers can then approve or deny the PTO. If approved, the time is automatically added to the employees time card.

Custom PTO Options
Time Clock Adjustments

Simple Time Card Adjustments

Sometimes you will need to make adjustments to your employee time cards. It may be a missed punch, or possibly changing the punch in/out time. We have simplified this as much as possible. Just click on the name/date, make your changes in the day entry then click save. Time cards are instantly auto calculated no need to "run" time cards again.

Quick Employee Administration

Got a new hire? You can add them, send the invite/instructions in about 1 minute. The employee receives the instructions via email or text message. Your new team member can then punch in/out using the online time clock on their browser or download the phone app. We have many options such as location control, alerts & messaging, pay rates & automation.

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