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Time Tracking for Accountants & Payroll Providers

Free tools designed to improve payroll processes by allowing accountants, bookkeepers and payroll providers access to their clients' time cards.

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Simply complete OnTheClock’s educational videos and quizzes that provide detailed information about how our time clock operates and you will also receive a “certified” badge, which signify’s your wealth of knowledge within our time clock system.

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How it works

Accountants can invite their clients and business owners can invite their accountants to link accounts for seamless account management.


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Benefits for you and your clients

Below are a few common benefits of using OnTheClock as a solution for accountants, bookkeepers, payroll providers and their clients

For you

  • Improve payroll efficiency

    Improve payroll efficiency and save time by conveniently accessing ALL clients from one account.

  • Increase payroll and timecard accuracy

    Increase payroll and timecard accuracy.

  • Send Time Cards directly to payroll

    Send time data directly to payroll providers such as Gusto, Quickbooks, Accounting CS, and more.

  • Discounts for your clients

    20% discount for your clients.

For clients

  • Accountable for hours worked

    Holding employees accountable for their hours worked.

  • Employees paid on time

    Assurance of employees being paid on time.

  • PTO Paid Time Off Tracking

    Accurate PTO tracking

  • See who is punched in/out via GPS

    Employers have ability to see who is punched in/out and from where via GPS.

Who’s qualified?

In order to qualify for our accountant program, you must be the owner of an accounting firm, payroll company or bookkeepers who are servicing multiple businesses.

If you are an internal accountant or payroll provider of a company (e.g. an employee) please check out OnTheClock for additional information that may be available for your employer.

OnTheClock saves on average, one to six hours per client, per pay period, by no longer verifying paper punches and tracking down information.

- Stephen, CPA

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