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On The Clock has allowed our small nonprofit to automate the PTO request, approval, and tracking process and given us a simple way to ensure that nonexempt employees are fairly compensated if they work overtime. These were very time-consuming tasks for an organization without an HR department. Were very happy with the value we receive for our limited budget. The few times weve needed support, weve found them to be friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable.

By Angie B.

From Leave Requests to PTO Balances: OnTheClock Has You Covered.


Clear, Quick, Convenient

  • See all PTO details at a glance.
  • Employees can easily request time off online.
  • Use our calendar to see who's off and when.
Paid time off reporting
Employees request paid time off online

Less Hassle, More Efficiency

  • The Key to Good Management
    Automatically handle leave requests.
  • Instantly view how much PTO has been used.
  • Allow employees to carry over their unused time off.

Make It Truly Yours

  • Paid time off setup with OnTheClock
    Select the right rules for how your business works.
  • Create the categories that suit your team best.
  • Quickly add holidays and regular off days, so everyone's on the same page.
Accurate Time Tracking

Frequently asked questions


Paid Time Off, often called PTO, includes different kinds of breaks from work such as vacation days, sick days, and holidays. It can also cover specific needs like jury duty, bereavement, or family-related leaves.


No, the federal government doesn't require PTO. But, states like California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont do ask employers to give paid vacation days. There are also a few states that have rules about sick days or paying out for days not taken when someone departs. Don't worry though! With OnTheClock on your side, you're all set to stay on the right side of the rules, no matter where your business is.

While traditional methods like spreadsheets or cork boards can be used, OnTheClock offers a more efficient and professional solution. With our platform, employee PTO requests seamlessly integrate with payroll, ensuring accurate processing at the end of each pay period.

Through OnTheClock, employees can conveniently send PTO requests for specific dates and the amount of hours they wish to use. Managers receive these requests and have the option to approve or deny them.


On OnTheClock, you can personalize various PTO scenarios to align with your company’s policies and goals. There are options to easily select specific PTO settings that best accommodate your business, such as choosing between allotted or accrued time for accurate time card calculations.

You can easily access paid time off reports by viewing a detailed summary for each employee’s PTO status on OnTheClock. It provides precise PTO customization options such as vacation, holiday, sick, personal days, and more. Days off and balance amounts are also displayed.
OnTheClock offers a feature to save time by integrating time card data with your payroll software for a seamless process. The platform has payroll integrations with providers like QuickBooks, Gusto, and other leading providers to effortlessly send over employees’ hours.

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