Employee PTO - Paid Time Off Tracking

Track Employee PTO (Vacation, Holiday, Sick & Personal)

Tracking employee PTO is a critical part of your day to day business life. If you do not have an automated system in place PTO hours could be lost or overpaid. With OnTheClock, tracking employee PTO is made simple. Employees can request time off, managers then review the request and approve or deny the request. Please read on to learn more.

Paid Time Off Summary

You never know when a time could arise when someone needs to take the day off. Our robust paid time off tracker allows your company to track employee PTO with a variety of different options.

  • Alloted, Accrued, Used, Balance amounts
  • Vacation, Holiday, Sick & Personal PTO types
  • Approve employee time off requests
employee paid time off summary page
PTO employee request form

Employees Request PTO Online

Employees are able to conveniently request paid time off via online. The manager will be able to see which employee made the request for what specific date(s). Then the manager will have the ability to approve or deny the request(s).

  • Alert sent to employer
  • If approved, time is allocated to time cards
  • Track all PTO requests, approvals and denials

Easy PTO Setup

Personalize PTO for each individual employee or group of employees. This type of configuration allows accurate paid time off to be allocated to specific dates and times for easy time card calculations.

  • Allot or Accrue PTO hours
  • Start & End Dates
  • New year wizard for rollover
employee paid time off setup
time-card with PTO

Time card view of PTO

Approved and manually added PTO time will appear on time cards. This will assure that your employees are accurately paid, and we all know how important that is.

  • Exports to Excel or PDF
  • Easy time adjustment if needed
  • Employee can view PTO if you allow it
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