Conveniently Receive Overtime Alerts

Track overtime with overtime alerts

Save time and apply it to work that matters most by getting notified when an employee is approaching overtime. 

A Time Clock Solution For Overtime Alerts

Our time clock system allows businesses to prevent unnecessary overtime expenditures by receiving alerts when an employee is close to exceeding their time limit. Administrators, managers, and employees that are on the time clock account can receive overtime alerts via email and/or text message. 

The Benefits of Knowing Who is Approaching Overtime

Common benefits for companies using OnTheClock to track overtime hours and receive alerts:

    • Reduce payroll expenses.
    • Helps to provide an economic analysis of your overtime payouts and stay within budget. 
    • Know who is working overtime, how much they are working and why.
    • Understand when overtime is necessary.   


Start Receiving Overtime Alerts 


How OnTheClock’s Overtime Alerts Work

Like most of our features, this option is extremely quick and provides you with a helpful tool to track overtime by getting alerts sent straight to you. Follow these simple steps once you are logged in and inside the Overtime Alerts setting. 

      1. Add an overtime alert by first naming it.
      2. Set how many hours/minutes that you would like alerts sent out before or after the overtime occurs. 
      3. Select who you would like to receive these alerts via email and/or mobile number.
      4. Apply these settings to all or individual employees who you want to monitor overtime for.
      5. Lastly, choose which employees will receive alerts when they are approaching overtime and then save your overtime settings.

Who is Required to Receive Overtime Payment

The question of who is eligible to receive overtime pay is frequently asked. The fact is, there are numerous factors that take place when determining an employee who qualifies for overtime or not. Knowing the difference between exempt and nonexempt employee is very important. Also keep in mind that overtime rules can vary based on the state in which your company resides. To learn about overtime, who is eligible, and each state’s requirements, please reference our article titled What is Overtime Pay.


Start Tracking Your Overtime, Today!

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