Employee Health Screening Tool For Small Businesses

Employee survey time clock

OnTheClock users will now have the opportunity to develop a survey that will be displayed to an employee during the time clock punch-in process to see if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. We have designed an employee survey feature to keep your company and team safe. This survey feature is also used for productivity tracking, proper equipment analysis, safety reminders, and much more.

How the Time Clock Employee Survey Works

Surveys can conveniently be created inside your time clock account. By accessing employee surveys under the settings option, you will be able to create surveys that will display to employees when they go to clock in for the day. The system will prompt employees what to do based on your personal survey settings after they answer the survey question. Employers can see employee feedback by running a survey report.

How to setup an employee survey:

  1. Access Employee Surveys under the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Add New Survey button.
  3. Fill out the survey details, validation fields and create a question.
  4. See feedback inside Survey Reports.

Benefits and Examples

As companies go back to work from the pandemic, it’s important to make sure your staff is healthy when on the clock. Creating a survey that’s designed to provide feedback about your employees' health will help prevent the spread of viruses and allow your company to operate safely.

Employee survey details

Covid-19 Employee Survey Details

Quickly set up a survey title, the description, and when/where you would like the survey to display.

Survey Validation

Validate your survey by providing a success and failed message for your employees COVID survey based on their responses. Additionally, add the question(s) you require employees to answer.

Survey validation
Employee's view of survey when clocking in

Employees View When Punching In

The employee will be able to quickly answer your questions in a timely manner right before punching the clock.

Instructions for Employees

An employee will be given instructions if they failed the COVID survey screening. In this case, the employee will not be allowed to clock in for the day.

Employee survey prompts
Survey feedback report

Employee Survey Results

Employers, managers, and supervisors will conveniently run reports to see survey results and adjust their team’s productivity goals accordingly based on the feedback received.

Questions an Employer Might Ask Their Employees

Employee surveys can be used in a variety of ways, including a method to measure an employee’s sense of passion, commitment and motivation within the company. Employers can also use our survey feature to ask employees about work-related topics that can improve productivity, streamline company goals and ensure employee safety.

Common questions to ask employees

Questions employers may ask their employees include:

  1. Do you have everything you need to begin your workday (binders, tools, laptop, etc.)?
  2. Did your manager provide you with your schedule in a timely manner?
  3. Have you been injured recently or have an injury that may prevent you from performing your job?
  4. What are your beginning production counts for the day?
  5. Have you completed your annual safety test?

What Should be Considered Before Conducting a Survey

Since each company is different, it’s important to create a survey that is geared towards your culture and objectives. Employers can expect above a 90% participation rate from employees when results are shared quickly. Managers should respond and provide survey feedback in a timely manner to improve participation rates. 

Other factors to consider when creating an employee survey that you should have on your checklist include:

  • Choose a proper survey tool. Use a survey tool that provides ease of access and completion for both you and your employees. Accessibility is important and should be kept within a program you use on a daily basis.
  • Know what you want to accomplish. Set goals and have an understanding behind what your survey will achieve and solve. This can be an increase in employee production, identifying weaknesses within your organization or opportunities for growth.
  • Make the survey brief. Time is very important in the workplace. Be sure to create a survey that is easy to understand and quick to complete. This is a great way to gain feedback from your employees without them feeling agitated. 
  • Don’t over do it. Prevent pestering your employees with constant surveys. After a while this could produce false information and defeat the purpose. 
  • Measure results and implement them. After you have gathered feedback, act quickly on implementing the results to accomplish your goals. Allowing employees to understand their feedback actually meant something will produce positive company morale and a sense of appreciation. 

We encourage you to take your time when designing a survey and make sure it fits the culture of your company to improve honest feedback rates.

Protect Your Team

Use our employee survey tool.