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Looking for an accurate and simple solution to solve your employee time tracking headaches? Enjoy the latest time clock technology while tracking hours worked and improving your payroll experience. Join the OnTheClock family and see why over 10,000 businesses love us - we are confident you will too!

"I love this site because it's so user-friendly, fits in our budget and helps me keep track of my employee hours worked. Performing payroll is a breeze and I love the reporting!"
- Diane S.

Time clock benefits 

Great for Businesses & Employees

By uniting employers with their employees, our time tracking system provides many benefits to provide a more powerful, productive and accurate method when tracking hours worked. Streamline your company’s payroll process and provide accurate paychecks that your employees deserve. Eliminate the manual labor from timecard data entry and use that time to grow your business.

Robust Features & Tools

We have developed many time clock features for your convenience. It would take all day to explain how we offer multiple methods for your employees to clock in/out, a variety of GPS settings, and employee scheduling. We’ll spare you the time by mentioning only a few.

  • Location Controls - GPS, IP & GeoFencing
  • Time Card & Payroll Integration
  • PTO Tracking
Simple time clock features
Integrate time cards with payroll software

Integrate With Payroll Providers

We understand how important it is for payroll to be processed in a timely manner. Employers can integrate their employees’ timesheets with their favorite payroll software. This innovative feature allows business owners to quickly send time card information to their payroll provider.

Accountants are Free

Some businesses may use an independent accountant for payroll. This is why we have designed a program that allows accountants to use OnTheClock free of charge. Independent Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Payroll Providers will have the convenience to access clients’ time card data to process payroll. Learn more.

Time clock for accountants

Time Tracking For Any Business

Time tracking designed to save you time and put money back in your pocket.