How Our Web Time Clock Works in 2 minutes, from opening the account to generating time cards.

We have dozens of options and switches for you to throw, but we only cover the basics here. – Setup your account, add employees, let the employees punch in and out & process hours for payroll. Get your account today to see all the wonderful options!

The admin using

Here we get a little more into our more advanced features, while still an overview you will get the gist of how well will work for you.

Employee Scheduling

Setting up an employee schedule has never been easier, simply click to add a shift, drag it around to adjust. and QuickBooks Online

We demonstrate how to connect your and QuickBooks online accounts, how to sync employees and how to sync time cards for payroll.

How an employee uses our time clock system

Here you see how an employee punches in/out and some additional employee functions.

Group punching with

Group punching is a feature which facilitates very fast punch in/out for multiple employees. This feature was designed to allow to replace a standard wall mounted time clock.

How to add a missed punch

Just a quick video to show you how to punch in an employee manually.

Where Are My Employees Punching In and Out From?

Here we show you how to tell where your employees are punching at.

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