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A Landscaping Company That Uses an Employee Time Clock System

“Trying to track PTO was painful.”

By Tim Glendenning


A variety of companies use our time clock system including seasonal companies. Parks Tree Inc. is a tree and landscaping company with locations in Westlake and Eastlake, Ohio that uses OnTheClock.

We had the privilege to speak with the owner, Steve Parks, and this is his story.

Steve has been a business owner for 36 years and as you can imagine, he has experienced some difficulties along the way. “Time sheets have always been a problem, especially in the service industry when all your employees are on different jobs and locations at different times,” Steve said when asked what problem he was trying to solve when searching for an employee time tracking system.

“Inaccurate timesheets, adding up hours at the end of the week, and trying to add up PTO was painful,” Steve said in regard to how the problem was affecting him and his company.

As we all know, there are many possible solutions to track time. Some include, handwritten time cards, the old fashioned time clock and simply just taking an employee’s word on how many hours they worked for the week. I asked Steve what solutions he considered and he responded, “Traditional time clocks with badges and Google TimeSheets which was complicated.”

Here at OnTheClock, we are very thankful to have the customers that we do, and we always like to know why they chose our product. Steve simply answered, “The online ease, the app that each employee can download on their phones, GPS and PTO tracking.” Although we receive a lot of positive feedback about our GPS and PTO features, we always enjoy hearing how these features continue to help small businesses operate successfully.

Steve said he did not consider any risks when considering using our online time clock, but has seen measurable benefits. “It’s a win-win for both the employer who is watching every penny and the employee who deserves not to be shorted on their hours and PTO,” said Steve.

After hearing the success Steve and his employees are experiencing with a modern time clock system, he signed off with one last piece of advice for those who are experiencing the same problems that he did, “OnTheClock hands down.” We appreciate it, Steve!

Take Steve’s advice and try us out today, for free!