A Time Clock On Your Website Allows Employees To Punch In/Out


So you have a web site, why not add your employee time clock right onto your site?  With the OnTheClock Time Clock Widget you can!  We offer a simple html code snippet that you or your webmaster add to your sites HTML.  Simply place the snippet on all pages where you would like employees to punch in and punch out from.

If you have a CMS(content management system) like WordPress, Drupal or use a builder like Weebly or SquareSpace then simply search the help for adding HTML snippets, it should be straightforward and quick to accomplish.

Benefits To You…

  • Your employees just go to your site to punch in and punch out
  • Time Clock can be minimized when not in use
  • OnTheClock Logo can be replaced with your logo
  • Easy to remember for your employees
  • Easy and fast to install script

To find the widget and instructions...

  1. go here to sign on - https://www.ontheclock.com/frmSignOn.aspx
  2. SIgn on as the admin
  3. Hover over "Settings"
  4. Click "Time Clock Settings"
Here you will find the widget code.
Let us know if you have questions or need help.
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