A Solution for Employee Time and Attendance

Occasionally a situation will arise that is beyond our control and this is why we have Paid Time Off or Sick time in the workplace. Businesses want to allow people flexibility for things that happens in life and not have employees feel like they are being punished because life happened. There are limitations though, you are only given so much time that is considered paid and it works as a check and balance system.

Paid time off is pretty simple with the ability to track it in various ways. Employees often submit a request and it is either approved or denied. It is easy to look at and see the numbers of what was taken and what is remaining.

How do you track when an employee is late?

What about tardiness? A few minutes here and there can quickly add up. Before you know it, your employee is being paid a full 40 hour week when they really worked less because every morning they were 5 minutes late.

If you are relying on handwritten time cards then it is easy to see how a discrepancy could occur. The employee arrives late but they simply just write 8:50 even though they arrived at 9:05. If no one was there to witness it, how could you prove they were not on time? This is also known as employee time theft. Maybe you have a manager that arrives before everyone and it is their job to watch the clock and make sure that the employees arrive on time. This might work for a little while, but employees start to notice they are being watched so everyone is on time. What happens when this stops?

A great tool is an online time tracking solution. This way when an employee does punch in, their time that is captured will be exact. They would need to talk to management in order to change their punch times, and this can all be neatly documented in the system. With a web based time clock you are able to set up rules and permissions that can help keep an employee on track. For example, you can set up security settings that will lock them down to punching in on site. You can even set up a before time that employees cannot punch in to prevent them from coming in too early. This can really help combat unnecessary overtime that accumulates from early punching.

How can time tracking software help track attendance?

However, it is not enough to just have an online solution. In addition you will need to be able to easily generate a report that will flag tardiness and absence for you. Here at OnTheClock.com we heard our customers requests loud and clear, and this is why we have implemented our newest feature called Attendance Reporting. This new feature allows our users to now track employees based on the fixed schedule their employer sets. We look at the time values given and generate a report showing absences and tardiness.We will highlight late entries in pink and absences in red as indicators for the employer about an employee's attendance. No more skimming through the punch in times to see if it says 9:00 or 9:05. Just simply go to reports and select ‘attendance report’ and we will show you the number of times an employee was late.  


Contact our time clock support team

Web Based time tracking solutions are an awesome way to save time and have a neat report available to review employee performance. Does this sound like something you would like to try? Are you already an OnTheClock user and want to find out more about utilizing this feature? You can call us at 888-753-5999 , Email support or even LiveChat with one of our representatives. Also, if you are a hands-on person then you can request a demo with one of our reps that will be able to answer all of your questions while walking you through every step needed to educate you on how to use our online time clock.

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