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Record employee shift schedules easily

Organize employee shifts with this easy to follow template we have created for weekly totals. Free Schedule template will help you layout the number of hours an employee is set to work for a workweek.


Fill out the correct pay period range

Fill out the employee's name.

Enter the start time.

Enter the end time. Note: you can use military time or add AM or PM to the end of the time you are filling out. Note: The final rows and columns will automatically calculate the total hours for you.

The faster way to schedule employees

With OnTheClock, you can enter an employee schedule, publish it out, and it's distributed in seconds!

OnTheClock is available on all devices

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Employee's and managers will benefit from the ease of access to published schedules. No more questions about who works today, login and view it on the desktop or your app!

OnTheClock is available on all devices

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