Team Holiday Leave Planning Calendar

Team Holiday Leave Planning Calender

Plan your teams holiday hours with our Free Holiday Leave Planning Calendar

OnTheClock Holiday Leave template

Get a quick count of who is working the holiday

Simply enter the working status to indicate what type of day an employee is scheduled for. Holiday leave planning will help you identify any gaps in holiday coverage this season


Enter employee names starting in cell B3.

Edit working status in B24 to B29 if needed. Start work day codes with W and days off with O.

Edit count limits in G24 to G27. Working has a minimum of 3 or it flags red and off has a max of 5 people off or it flags red.

Choose status from drop-downs.

Track holiday hours easier

With OnTheClock, you can set the number of holiday hours for the year, and bulk add entries for all staff at once.

Holiday hours

Helpful resources at your fingertips

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Convert minutes to decimal hours and vice versa.

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Military time converter

Automatically calculate the 12 / 24 hour equivalent

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Timesheet calculator

Automatically calculate the total hours for payroll.

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