Benefit to the OnTheClock User

Archiving is used to create a permanent historical record of a pay period that cannot be edited. When you archive a pay period in our system it moves that pay period to a separate database. It will then put "(archived)" after it. It will also leave the empty pay period in the listing, so you will have 2 instances of the pay period in your listing. Time cards are stored indefinitely. 


Archive a Single Pay Period                                    Archive Multiple Pay Periods 



  1. Only an administrator can archive and un-archive pay periods.
  2. Make sure you have made any adjustments to any pay period you want to archive before you archive it.
  3. Once you have archived a pay period you will see the same pay period twice in the Period box listings. One will be marked (archived), the other will not and it will be empty.
  4. To view an archived pay period you would look for the pay period dates with (archived) after it and click on that pay period.
  5. Archived pay periods will not be brought up when you use the Custom Line in the Search & Filter section, because they are in a different database.
  6. You can archive a single pay period or multiple pay periods.
  7. You can un-archive a single pay period or multiple pay periods if you need to edit them.
  8. If you plan on changing your pay period cycle then it is recommended that you archive all your previous pay periods first so you have a historical record of those pay periods.
  9. If you archived your pay periods and changed your pay period dates; then when you un-archive a previous pay period it will change it to the new pay period dates. So this is not recommended.

To Archive a Single Pay Period From a Browser (see 7:34 in video)

  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Click on "Time Cards" at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose the pay period.
  4. Click on the "Archive" button. (or Un-Archive button)
  5. Wait until it tells you that it has been archived successfully. (or Un-Archived)

To Archive Multiple Pay Periods From a Browser

  1. Use the “Dates” line and choose the beginning of a pay period and the ending of a pay period.
  2. You are able to Archive up to 1 year at a time of time card information.
  3. After it finishes calculating you can click on the "Archive" button. (or Un-Archive button)
  4. Wait until it tells you that it has been archived successfully. (or Un-Archived)



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