How OnTheClock has Helped Morningstar Productions be Successful

“Keep fighting, pay your taxes, and do the right thing.”

By Tim Glendenning 


Back in 1989, an event production servicing company named Morningstar Productions was created. They provide lighting, sound, staging, video, power and backline for concerts and special events. When asked what inspired him to start his company, Alan Morgenstern responded,  “The passion for pro audio and event production is what drove me to grow the business.”

Located in Murrieta, California, Alan’s team is equipped to serve California, Arizona, and Nevada by providing all your production needs. I had the opportunity to ask Alan what his company goal is and he responded, “Continued growth and adding additional staff to assist with that growth.” As you can see, Alan’s company is growing by successfully operating in three different states.


(Photo provided by Morningstar Productions)

 Like most small businesses, Morningstar Productions face challenges as they continue to grow and work to achieve their goals. “Staffing… as we are a specialized tech company, it is hard to find people that are good in the field,” said Alan when asked what challenges he faces. He proceeded to explain that one of the motivators used when searching for an online time clock to help his challenges is how his staff has the equipment to conveniently access OnTheClock. “It’s the people that make or break an event,” he stated.

I had the opportunity to ask Alan why he chose our employee time clock system over the competition. He politely answered, “Price, ease of use, and mobile punch in.”


(Photo provided by Morningstar Productions)

 I was curious how Alan and his staff uses our time clock and he responded, “Mostly phone for our part-time employees who punch in and out from the field, but we also use desktops for our shop staff.” The variety of option for employees to clock in and out allows Alan to know who is on the clock.

Tracking paid time off (PTO) can be confusing and frustrating at times. Some companies may or may not know how to properly do it and that is why OTC offers a robust and accurate way to track PTO. “Solved a problem for us. Also, with the PTO functions, it has solved an issue for our full-time staff,” Alan said regarding the benefits from using OnTheClock.

Lastly, I always like to ask small business owners what they would say to other businesses facing the same challenges as they do. Alan had a great response by stating, “Keep fighting, pay your taxes, and do the right thing.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!  


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