An Integrated Time Clock And Payroll Service is teaming up with Payroll Connect, LLC to offer you a premium payroll service at discount pricing. As an customer you are eligible for special pricing if you choose to use the payroll service.
Out time clock works with Payroll Connect
How it works
We have designed the payroll system to be very easy for you to use. At the end of the pay period, you will simply approve the timecards and Payroll Connect takes over from there. Accountants at Payroll Connect will download your timecards, cut the payroll checks and mail the checks to you the same day.

Background (By Dean Mathews, owner,
Payroll Connect has been our payroll and tax service provider for many years now and I am very happy with their service. The owner of Payroll Connect, Kurt Rietsch, is also a personal friend of mine. Through several conversations with Kurt it became clear that his payroll service would be a great benefit to customers. Believe me, I would not recommend a service unless I have used it personally and am happy with it. Kurt has a bachelor degree in accounting with over 11 years of experience in payroll, accounting and taxes, he is also the kind of guy you can have a down to earth conversation with and will take the time to actually talk with you about your questions.

Payroll Connect is offering special pricing to the community. While you are not obliged to use this service, we highly recommend checking it out or just give them a call at (586)228-2530

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Please note that the payroll service offered by Payroll Connect, LLC has no direct affiliation with  You can cancel the payroll service at any time and still use for your timekeeping needs.