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Steppin Up Customer Success

Steppin' Up

Customer Success with OnTheClock

"It’s just plug and play.”


By Pam Houghton


When Jason Hazelett opened Steppin’ Physical Therapy 12 years ago, “I had to figure out how to do all the HR stuff, including payroll,” he said. Tracking the hours his six employees worked was a challenge, especially since he started with labor-intensive, handwritten time sheets. “I thought there had to be an electronic way to do this. So I did an Internet search to see what was out there.” 

Though he found – and later used – an electronic time sheet online, he wasn’t happy with it. “So I did another search and found OnTheClock,” which had been endorsed by companies larger than his. “I thought if it worked for companies that had more employees than I did, it should work for me.” Eight years later, Jason is still using OnTheClock to track employee hours. “It’s consistent. It does what it’s supposed to do.”


The Fort Wayne, Indiana physical therapy business has since grown to include three offices and 20 employees. OnTheClock makes it easy for Jason to manage time sheets for a profit-sharing arrangement in each office. Therapists who work a morning shift in one office don’t punch out when they leave to work an afternoon shift at another. “I will pay for their drive time over,” Jason said. But once the employees arrive at the second location, OnTheClock clocks them out of the first office and into the second, “keeping the hours worked at each location separate for me.”


Jason also likes that he can import hours worked directly from OnTheClock into QuickBooks, a process his former accountant had been doing manually, “which defeats the purpose of an online clocking system.” Instead, after he downloads the hours, OnTheClock automatically updates QuickBooks so that “all the employee times are there.” OnTheClock also makes it easy to add new employees and scroll back and forth between pay periods.


Jason had no reason to contact OnTheClock until recently, when he was having trouble mapping fields between the online time sheet and QuickBooks. When an OnTheClock tech assistant couldn’t solve the problem, the owner of OnTheClock, Dean Mathews, stepped in to help. “I’m the owner of a company and it’s kind of difficult to field all the calls people inevitably have. It was nice that Dean himself walked me through” the mapping process. The solution didn’t work at first, but “Dean was savvy,” said Jason. “He recognized my account names within QuickBooks needed to be adjusted. There is no way I could have figured it out myself.”


The best things about OnTheClock according to Jason are its reliability and ease of use. “I’m not getting any mistakes from it. That’s how you want it to be. It’s just plug and play.”