Time Management System for Employee Tracking


If you have come across this page then chances are you need to improve time management for your employees. You may be a business owner, manager, team leader or hold another position that is responsible for managing employees and their hours worked. So you think to yourself what the next step is to tracking time. Rest assured that you are at the right place. 

Try a Time Management Software For Employee Tracking

OnTheClock is an employee time clock system that helps over 9,000 businesses around the world with managing their employees’ time. We offer many robust time clock features and options for you to manage hours worked. Access our services from a mobile app, desktop, browser or a tablet. 

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Benefits to Using a Time Clock Management System 

  • Produce accurate time cards for payroll.
  • Automatic time clock that calculates hours worked for you.
  • Properly track paid time off (PTO)
  • Reduce payroll expenses and errors.
  • Use as a reference when it comes to employee bonuses, salary raises and promotions. 
  • Save employees, the company, and you time to allocate hours towards other projects.
  • Understand where time is being spent on different jobs or departments. 
  • Eliminate buddy punching and timecard theft.
  • Know who is on the clock.
  • Identify trends such as tardiness, days that are being taken off, and other activities that could be affecting the company. 

Examples of Poor Employee Time Management Skills

  • Not properly tracking employees’ hours worked.
  • Not keeping timecard records for a specified time as required by law. 
  • Employees coming and going as they please. 
  • Overpaying employees. 
  • Underpaying employees. 
  • Increased payroll expenses. 
  • Inaccurate timesheets or timecard fraud. 
  • Underachieving goals and deadlines. 
  • Increase in payroll errors.
  • Time clock punch rounding

How to Implement a Time Management System For a Small Business

Now that you have read the pros and cons for time management, it is time for you, the person in charge, to step up and put an end to your problems. Start gathering value documentation by starting a completely free 30-day trial. During your free trial you will have access to all of our features and customer support help. 

Once you have signed up, you will be prompted to add employees. Next you can quickly select features and settings that you would like, such as GPS, IP restrictions, employee punch locations, mobile clock app, and much more. The setup only takes about 2 minutes then your employees and team members will immediately be able to punch in and out. 

Finally, you will have the ability to start tracking accurate time cards and other important information that will improve your time management in the workplace. 

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