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Timesheet Photo and Image Attachments

Upload images
any time, anywhere

OnTheClock allows your employees to attach important photos to timesheets that can be viewed and uploaded from our app or website for easy accessibility at any time from anywhere.

Easily upload crucial
photo and image data

Employees can quickly snap photos for important information such as invoices, receipts, work orders, contracts, work plans, and serial numbers. Attaching crucial timesheet image data will provide further details on the amount of material and equipment used and the tools required to complete the job.

Conveniently track work
with photo file attachments

Photos are conveniently attached to employee timesheets, so you know precisely when employees are punching in and out, checking in, or adding additional hours. Photo attachments can be associated with employee clock in and out times for you to track work progress. At the beginning and end of your team’s shift, simply have employees snap a before and after photo to display the performed progress. All of this only takes a few seconds and provides you with the essential image updates needed to track work progress.

Prevent employee time theft with photo capture during clock in

Photo capturing ensures employees are working when and where they’re supposed to be. It's as easy as the employee taking a photo from their mobile or desktop camera while at the job site during the clocking in and out process. Preventing employee time theft during clocking in and out is a considerable step when saving your company money. It’s time to start holding your employees accountable and gaining peace of mind.

Improve communication between employers and employees

Photo files and image attachments can be shared between the field and office to improve communication, identifying possible work and compliance issues, and knowing if your team is getting the job done. Let’s face it; it’s impossible to be at multiple places at the same time. Our timesheet photo and imagery attachments are designed to make life easier by communicating feedback about specific tasks by recognizing labor progress and work productivity.

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