“Why We Created A Time Clock, OnTheClock”

Way back in 2003 we saw the need for a better way to track employee time, so we decided to create OnTheClock.com. The goal was to build an online system where people could punch in and out, managers could then generate time cards and perform payroll.

The Purpose
The purpose behind creating OnTheClock.com was success, not profit. To be more specific, we had an overwhelming desire to do something different and that really mattered! To create a product that people loved, a product that changed the way they operated. In a sense we wanted to make the world a little better.

After countess hours of designing and building, OnTheClock.com went online in May of 2004.

Success Starts
In late 2005 we had a bunch of people using our system every day. Employees were punching in and out, managers were generating time cards and payroll. This was truly amazing to us! People were actually using our time clock and really liked it!

Truth be told, in our minds, we had changed the world - even if just by a little bit.

Years Roll By
Over the next decade, many more people started using our time clock. In a way, its popularity had crept up on us. As more people used our system, we learned what you wanted and needed. We responded by adding new features and making things easier to use.

But responding to your needs was not the goal. We wanted to create new things, before you asked, things that you never imagined. Things that would use every day, then think later - “wow, I’m glad they thought of that”

Now & The Future
Now more than ever, we have the fever of creating things that will change people's lives and the world. These things are now realized just a bit differently, as new features and upgrades to our product. Life is a cycle, the new purpose is the same as the old purpose, to succeed. Succeed in making your life just a little bit better, the world just a little bit better.

Come to think of it Success is not something that can ever be fully realized. There is always something more to add or do, success is more of a journey than a destination. Interesting isn't it?

For The Geeks

OnTheClock.com is built using Microsoft ASP.NET using only native components. We leverage the power of JavaScript through the use of standard JavaScript code as well as jQuery. A full 3 tier architecture has been erected, these include presentation, business logic and data access layers. SQL Server is leveraged to house our customer's valuable data. Our dedicated Microsoft Windows servers are hosted at Orcsweb, a Certified Microsoft Gold Hosting Company.

Dean Mathews, OnTheClock.com Founder
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