Using a Mobile App When Tracking Employee Hours Worked for Accurate Timesheets

Employee mobile time tracking 

Using a mobile time clock to track your employee’s hours worked and generating time saving and accurate timesheets is just a quick mobile download away. You can now download OnTheClock's latest mobile time clock app on your Android and iPhone device. Enjoy the luxury of knowing if your employees are being honest with their time cards, while saving on your payroll expenses.

Mobile time clock features

Mobile apps are designed to provide convenience to users while offering accessibility without the need of a laptop or desktop computer. Imagine life without being able to use your mobile device to have valuable access to important information. Or how about when you need to read and respond back to that important business email? The point is many mobile apps are becoming the future and allowing you to be more productive with your daily life while operating a successful business. 

Enjoy robust time clock features:

  • GPS Tracking.
  • Remote Punch.
  • PTO Tracking. 
  • Employee Scheduling.
  • Accurate Time Recording.
  • Payroll Integration.

Mobile time clock app with GPS 

Apps have become popular for all industries

Many industries and companies have been able to produce some of the most popular apps in America. Thousands of mobile apps are available that many people have just not yet discovered. And the best news is that many of these apps could benefit you, your company, your employees and everything in between.

We compiled a fairly brief list of different industries that offer mobile apps to their consumers:

  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Social Media Apps
  • Email Apps
  • Search Engine Apps
  • Entertainment and Gaming Apps
  • Maps/Navigation Apps
  • Financial Apps
  • Online Shopping Apps
  • Restaurant/Food Apps

As you read through this list, you may find yourself realizing how many of these apps that you already have downloaded onto your mobile devices. Now think about the other apps you may not have and all the benefits that you could gain from getting them.

Downloading a reliable time clock app on Google Play and the App Store

So you have an Apple and/or Android device and you really need to start tracking your employees a little better when it comes to an easy and simple way through your phone. Go onto your phone or other mobile device and search for OnTheClock, employee time clock, punch clock app or time clock. Employers will be happy to see that On The Clock offers a free mobile time clock app for you and their employees to download. Having an app that is very user-friendly and operates smoothly is another important aspect to proper daily time keeping.


Once you become a user of OnTheClock, you will have time-saving options and time clock features to take advantage of. Your employees will be able to punch in and out quickly from a remote location, and preventing you from paying more than you should on their time cards. This will help keep your company's payroll costs within budget. Users can also take advantage of more features and options from a desktop or laptop while you are at home, at the office or on vacation. That’s right, our time clock system offers access to our users and customers from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet/data connection.

Why OnTheClock offers a free time clock app

As a small business, we understand the importance of tracking everything in a timely manner while spending the least amount of time and money as possible. By offering a free time clock app, it prevents our customers from having additional expenses just to have their employees clock in, clock out, obtain accurate time sheets, prevent buddy punching, and knowing who is on the clock. Our time clock app and time clock software is kind of like a little time clock wizard that will be able to assist you in the world of modern time tracking.

Employee time clock app 

We also offer a free time clock app to help other small businesses be profitable and decrease the headaches that time card documentation can have on a business. Why make things more difficult when you can easily eliminate them?

Time saving benefits from a mobile time clock

Many of our 10,000 customers use our mobile punch app for a variety of purposes. We have many users who take advantage of having their employees punch in and punch out from a remote location. Instead of wasting time and having an employee drive all the way to the shop, office or warehouse just to punch the clock, have them clock in right from their mobile device. You can have your employees start work quickly by not driving out of their way to just turn right back around and drive to the jobsite. Look at it as eliminating the middleman so-to-speak.

Here is a list of industries who use our online time clock app that has their employees clock in and out from a remote location:

  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Work from home employees
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Marketing Personel
  • Sales
  • Insurance 

Did you know that a survey conducted from more than 15,000 adults stated that 43% of them worked from home part of the time? This statistic is very interesting in the fact that more employers are trusting their employees to get the job done without them physically being present. However, the majority of employers need to know the exact amount of hours that employees are working so he or she can properly be paid for the hours they have worked. A mobile time clock app will solve this problem and allow you to provide accurate timesheets for accurate payroll. 

Go Mobile When Tracking Hours Worked

Employee time tracking makes the job easier.

a thought From Victor on 2/1/2018 ...
Would like more info as to what the employee and employer such as managers/ or supervisor will have to do in order to get everyone on?
reply from OTC - Hi Victor, Thanks for the comment. I have passed your info on to our onboarding staff, they will reach out to you ASAP. Thanks ~Dean

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