Using a Mobile App When Tracking Employee Hours Worked for Accurate Timesheets

Employee mobile time tracking 

Eliminate time theft and know where your employees are when on the clock. It is reported that 49% of U.S. workers admitted to time theft when tracking hours worked. Using a mobile time clock app to track your employees' hours worked and generate time-saving and accurate timesheets will eliminate time theft and improve timesheet and payroll accuracy. Don’t be a part of the $11 billion per year statistic that time theft costs employers.

Benefits to Mobile Time Clock Apps

There are many benefits when using a mobile time clock app for employee hours worked. Below we list a few to help you identify the positive impact mobile time tracking can have on your business. 

Time tracking for remote employees

Often, employees may be working remotely and cannot be physically present to clock in. Instead of wasting time and having an employee drive to the shop, office, or warehouse to punch the clock, it’s a lot more productive for them to clock in directly from their mobile device. 

Did you know that a survey conducted by more than 15,000 adults stated that 43% of them worked from home part of the time? This statistic is fascinating because more employers trust their employees to get the job done without them physically being present. However, most employers need to know the exact number of hours that employees work to be paid for the hours they have worked adequately.

Improved timesheet and payroll accuracy

The American Payroll Association reports  error rates between 1-8% of total payroll in companies that use traditional timesheets. Their report also showed roughly 40% of small businesses incur an average of $845 per year in IRS penalties as a result of neglected payroll processing,

Modern time tracking solutions will eliminate timesheet and payroll errors by providing accurate reports based on employees’ mobile punch times. 

Higher employee productivity

With the convenience of employees being able to clock in and out from their mobile devices quickly, it allows additional time to achieve and accomplish work-related tasks and projects. Employees will also gain an understanding of the number of hours worked and how much work was performed. If an employee has put in 20 hours for a task that should have been completed in 15 hours, they will know they need to improve their productivity levels. 

GPS location control

You’re probably wondering how much you can trust your employees when using a mobile time clock. Although this is an understandable concern, rest assured that you’ll be able to track their punch locations with time clock GPS location control. Conveniently check who’s in and from where they clocked in and out within the mobile time clock system. 

Mobile Time Clock Features

Mobile time clock apps are designed to provide convenience to users and business owners while offering accessibility without the need of a laptop or desktop computer. 

Enjoy easy time clock features:

  • Photo and Image Files
  • PTO Tracking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Accurate Timesheet Reports
  • GPS Tracking

Mobile time clock app with GPS 

Common Industries Who Use Mobile Time Tracking

Depending on your industry and company size, your specific needs may vary from other companies. 

Mobile time tracking for construction companies

The construction industry has many employees who work in the field and require mobile time tracking for accurate pay, proper documentation of job and project costing, reporting options for man-hours to complete a job, and much more. Mobile time clock apps keep your crew up to date with modern timesheet punching and accurate payroll.

Mobile time tracking for medical and healthcare organizations

With medical professionals serving at multiple locations, offering healthcare employees the option to track hours worked with their mobile devices is a perfect solution. Ensure your medical workers are properly tracking time worked for accurate billing purposes. This helps your organization stay within compliance and avoid over or under-billing. 

Mobile time tracking for manufacturing and production industries 

Many variables play a factor in the success of the manufacturing and production industry. This includes being on a strict payroll budget. When employees’ hours aren’t properly calculated, your payroll budget can be depleted quickly, causing your company to lose money. With long shifts at times, properly tracking employee overtime is crucial. Not only does this ensure that your employees are being paid for the time they worked, but accurate documentation avoids hefty penalties that could be imposed for not paying employees for wages due.

Easy Mobile Time Clock App 

Easily download OnTheClock’s time clock app to your mobile device to start tracking employee hours worked. Our simple and user-friendly mobile app is designed to provide everything you need to track time, while operating your business successfully.


Once you become a user of OnTheClock, you will have time-saving options and time clock features to take advantage of. Your employees will be able to punch in and out quickly from a remote location and prevent you from paying more than you should on their timesheets. Users can also take advantage of additional features and options from a desktop or laptop while at home, at the office, or on vacation.

Why OnTheClock Offers an Affordable Time Clock App

As a small business, we understand the importance of tracking everything promptly while spending the least amount of time and money possible. Offering an affordable time clock app prevents our customers from having unnecessary expenses to have their employees clock in and out, obtain accurate timesheets, prevent buddy punching, and know who is on the clock. Our time clock app and time clock software are like a bit of a time clock wizard that will assist you in the world of modern time tracking.

Employee time clock app 

Why make things more difficult when you can easily eliminate them?


Go Mobile When Tracking Hours Worked

Employee time tracking makes the job easier.

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