Easily Export Timesheets to Your Payroll Provider

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We strive to make our timesheets as easy to review and approve as possible because we know that your payroll system is complicated and difficult to change. Incorrect pay rates can frustrate your employees who want their bonuses and overtime that they earned. Furthermore, overpaying can leave your books unbalanced and place unnecessary stress on your finances. 

With OnTheClock, you can approve and export your timesheets to your payroll provider with just a few clicks. Our timecards are compatible with most payroll providers so you don’t have to worry about extra columns or mislabeled fields preventing a smooth export. 

5 Reasons to Use OnTheClock in Your Payroll Process

At OnTheClock, we are obsessed with time. Not just with helping you track the time of your employees, but also with saving you time from handling administrative tasks. Your human resources team doesn’t want to spend their weeks reviewing payroll mistakes and making corrections when there are more important projects they could be working on. As a manager, you want to focus on leading your team, not counting all of the hours they work. 

OnTheClock saves you time by:

  1. Providing an easy interface to review, correct and approve employee time cards. 
  2. Accounting for extra pay, including tips, bonuses, and commissions. 
  3. Exporting timesheets into compatible formats with most major payroll providers. 
  4. Tracking the hours of salaried and hourly employees for unified reporting.
  5. Giving access to managers to allow for the delegation of timesheet management. 

Whether you run a predominantly salaried team or operate a commission-driven store with hourly workers, you can easily convert the hours of your team members into the pay they expect to receive for their labor. 

Plus, our system makes it easy to save your timecards and payroll records required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Employers are required to save at least three years of payroll records, amongst other employee information. With OnTheClock, saving these records is easy. 

Export Timesheets to Your Payroll Provider

OnTheClock offers many reporting formats that align with your payroll services. Export your time cards into Excel and CSV pages, PDFs, or printable paper copies. However you need to format your timesheet system for accurate payroll reporting, we can help you. 

Our time clock system works with a variety of payroll providers including QuickBooks, Xero, ADP, Thomson Reuters, and more. See the full list of payroll providers who integrate with our time cards here.

Timesheets Account for All Employee and Work Types

OnTheClock will populate timesheets for both hourly and salaried employees. Hours are calculated for auto time which ensures that your salaried staff gets paid alongside your hourly team members. OnTheClock’s system also covers overtime and paid time off, so you won’t have to make adjustments if your team members work late or need to take personal time. 

 See time cards from employee hours worked

Account for Tips and Bonuses in Employee Pay

We know that most employees don’t just earn hourly wages. Some boost their income through tips while others strive to earn valuable bonuses for their work. These added benefits can be frustrating to add in your payroll system, which is why OnTheClock created a feature to add them in. 

When you view your employee timesheets, you can override the hours and earnings to adjust for extra income. There are sections to report tips, bonuses, and commissions, that way your employees can see what they really earned. This also makes it easy for managers and HR teams to adjust time cards in a simple system before sending it off to a complex payroll provider.

 Easily add tips, bonuses and commissions

How to Use OnThe Clock to Track Payroll

Once you understand the full benefits of using OnTheClock to make your payroll more effective, you can take advantage of our various tools and services. 

Step One: Set Up Employee Profiles

Start by adjusting employee pay rates in their profiles. You can set up a salaried employee so their hours auto-populate or you can create schedules for hourly workers. 


 How to set up employee salary options

The employee profile lets managers record additional forms of pay, like different overtime rates, holiday pay, and sick pay. The best part is that once an employee’s profile is complete, you won’t have to return to it until you change how they are paid. 

Step Two: Review Employee Hours at the End of the Pay Period

Whenever you’re ready to export your timesheets, click on the Time Cards tab within our system. You will see a list of employees that work for your company and are active during that pay period. Review their hours worked to make sure they are accurate and manually make any changes you need. 

During this time, you can also add any tips, bonuses, or commissions that your employees earned. 

Step Three: Download Your Time Sheets in the Proper Format

To download your time sheets, click on the button labeled “Export CSV” or select the “More” dropdown. You can then select your payroll provider and we will adjust the timesheet to make it compatible with your system. 

 Choose time card export options

Accurate Payroll Leads to Happy Employees

Your employees may enjoy working for you, but they need to get paid accurately if they are going to stay at your company. OnTheClock makes the payroll process easier so your employees are happy and so your HR team doesn’t spend hours adjusting timesheets.

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